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Jungle biomes in Era or a new world?

Discussion in 'We Need Your Opinion' started by Pythros, Apr 12, 2012.


Jungle biomes in Era or a new giant jungle island world?

Biomes in Era 2 vote(s) 16.7%
Giant Jungle Island 10 vote(s) 83.3%
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  1. So the idea of copy all these structures for the current Era to a new Era based off of the jungle 1.2 biome coding has become, more or less a pain. Reason, terrain needs to be blended from things that were copied over and just one giant mess and loads of work.

    So, with finding out a few programs and plugins that will allow me to change individual blocks, yes blocks not an entire biome or chunks, I give you guys two options.

    1. I randomly choose places in Era and convert them to jungle biomes. Which this, I will need to convert trees in the area to jungle trees or if a desert is converted to make trees and grass.

    2. Create a new world, like Eremos, that will be a giant jungle island. Since to my knowledge that pets will not follow you from world to world, there will be a pet shop on the island where you guys can buy ocelot "eggs" to bring with you to your homes in Era to tame them.

    Edit: This is holding up moving to Era right now. If the majority of the votes is for a new world. It will speed up the process of going back to Era. Then I'll work on the jungle world separately.
  2. Why stop at ocelots? Maybe other animals such as mooshrooms, wolves, sheepins, etc. This could set a standard to those who wish to sell livestock.
  3. That's a side thing from this. Please stay on topic :)
  4. Anything that gets us back to our beloved Era quicker ;)
  5. Definitly a new jungle world as the idea sounds epic for a start and it means we get era quicker so win, win.
  6. I accidentally voted before I read what pyth said T_T. Don't count the one vote for jungles in Era.
  7. Will there be factions here as well?
  8. Super, you can change your vote.

    Evil, no factions. I think for now factions will remain for temp servers.
  9. Alright. Looks like we are going with a new world for the Jungle Island. I will get this up ASAP when I figure out how to make it well worth it :)
Thread Status:
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