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Kerbal Space Program

Discussion in 'Kerbal Space Program' started by sonicsteve, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. While I've been away from ChiRho I've been playing KSP. In that time I've successfully landed on the moon, got an orbiter around the moon and made some orbits around Kerbin and the Mun with a 0.1% margin of error. I'll post some screenshots the moment I find an epic view of space.
  2. Friendship 7:
    Status - Orbiting Kerbin
    Orbit Height - 205km with a 200m variant. (Difference between highest point and lowest point in the orbit)

    Apollo 8:
    Status - Orbiting the Mun
    Orbit Height - 100km with a 100m variant.

    Apollo 11:
    Status - Landed on the Mun
    Orbit Height - N/A

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  3. :D Good work. Your screenshots made me want to play again Im working on making a big spacestation but its really hard to get it off the ground XD
  4. Awesome, I'm planning to launch some Gemini missions where I will launch two different ships into orbit and then transfer Kerbonauts before returning back home. If a success then I'll use similar tactics to begin finding ways to reduce the growing amount of space junk around my space center.
    On a small side note, I'm going to go and fly a plane to find out what the purple marker on the Gyroscope points to.

    Auhjos over and out.
  5. I found out what the purple thing points to...

    So yeah, it points to a secret Space Center on Kerbin. It doesn't have a runway and this was my second attempt at going there. My first attempt ran out of fuel and crashed in the hillside.

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  6. Ive heard about the second space centre but never had seen it, Good work. Also that reminds me I still can't build a working plane in this game :p. Everytime I try they fall apart under force.
  7. Building a plane is tricky. But it gets harder when you realize that every plane needs to have a specific job in mind. To fly to the North Pole, my aircraft was stocked up with huge amounts of fuel. When I was flying here, I focused on efficiency as I didn't know how far it was. Take a look at YouTube to help. And if worse comes to worse, just use trial and error. Also keep in mind that if it doesn't look like it'll fly, it probably won't.
  8. 0.17 is out! :D

    New features include cockpit view and other planets with their own moons! :D
  9. YES! I've been waiting for it. :lol:
  10. I can get to the Mun and land routinely now. I can get to Minnus (no orbit). How on Kerth will I get to other planets :(
  11. I know what you mean Its a stretch as is to get to the mun and back with enough fuel. I've orbited minus but never landed.
  12. Hmm... There is an extra engine now (The atomic one) which is extremely efficient in space. I'll try it out... Also, I need a new lander :p My testing before this update just brought me landers that where so heavy, they would stop the rocket from entering orbit :lol:

    Auhjos' Mission Planner:
    1. Build a new deep space rocket and test 'deep space' atomic engine
    2. Land on Mun (and return)
    3. Land on Minmus (and return)
    4. Do maths to work out the ideal angles to get to Duna
    5. Land on Duna?
  13. While I was testing my new craft in orbit, I decided:
    "Hey, lets go to the Moon!"
    I succeeded... First try... And I have over 3 fuel tanks left... All I need to do now is throw her back in orbit and fly to Kerbin.

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  14. Nice work. I will have to give this new engine a go.
  15. Consider points 1 and 2 completed.

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  16. 09jnewington made me a bet:
    Along the way I made some amazing screenshots...

    Upon the approach I made several adjustments, one of which almost had us crashing on the Dark side of the Mun! Finally, the final decent arrived. I looked at my fuel and frowned as I realized that this poor Kerbanaught was not coming home... I burned away and as I neared the ground aborted due to an unexpected slope. I flew a fair distance, straitened myself out and touched down!...
    Only to tip over and have our engine fall off :(. I still won the bet but... yeah...

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  17. It's been a great day at Kerbal Space Program!
    I launched two new Mun missions, both a success and landed my first 3 person capsule on the Mun!

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  18. I like the design of the lander in the second picture. Looks nice and stable too.
  19. Jeb was called back to Kerbin during his 4th Mun mission for a highly dangerous activity which only he was deemed capable of. Landing on Minmus. For a long time no-one even knew Minmus existed. Then when it was discovered in 0.15 astronomers and Kerbonaughts alike ruled out any landing attempt and continued on the Mun project. Until now. Upon return Jeb was briefed and sent off to his favorite, and currently most reliable, space craft: The Deep Space Explorer I. At mission control all was fine until the time for the burn came. 09jnewington was contacted via Skype to discuss possible ways to attack this. The pro-retro grade burn with a 25,000 km Northern adjustment was chosen. The engines fired. Within 15 seconds it was clear that the single atomic engine would not be enough to plow Jebs way over 46,400 km. The landing engines were activated and the burn was completed in just about 1 minute 30 seconds. As 20,000 km approached the inclination burn was on its way. The burn lasted just 2 seconds. Nothing. The guidance computer showed nothing. Mission control was stunned. However, Jebs quick thinking out paced mission control with a tiny burst of power at the 50-81 heading. The Minmus sphere of influence had been found. A mist the tension and chaos, no images were taken. It was agreed shortly after realizing this to take them on Minmus. Jeb used his full retro-grade velocity burn once in Minmus's sphere of influence to take his lateral velocity to 0. He then slowly descended to this strange world. Upon attempting to land, Jeb noticed that his altitude meters weren't working. Neither were his speed or guidance computer who claimed he was inside a mountain. Jeb was flying blind. As the surface neared the gyroscope directional heading began to break down too. The tension was deafening. Slowly the space craft neared the surface and then it happened...
    Touch down.
    A huge cry of joy was heard at mission control. Further investigations into the mysterious breaking down of Jebs equipment will be carried out at a later date. Jeb then went on the first EVA ever on Minmus and brought his camera with him:

    So yeah, I got to Minmus! :mrgreen:

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  20. :lol: Nice work. There is the mun btw. :cool:

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