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Kerbal Space Program

Discussion in 'Kerbal Space Program' started by sonicsteve, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. *Ramps up brightness* Oh yeah :p
    Well, at least that makes me the first man on ChiRho to land there :) I'm going to go carry out some small experiments such as testing the gravity and such. Also, the thing about my equipment messing up really did happen :p. Despite me being landed it still says:
    A: I'm in orbit
    B: I'm moving at 8.4 m/s
    C: According to the map, in the ground.

    Be careful when landing there :p
  2. Closes I got to landing there was smashing into it at a few hundred meters per second lol.
  3. I had to use my landing engines to escape from Kerbins gravity for such a long flight but I see where you're coming from...

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  4. Welcome home Jeb! :)
  5. Hey, remember that Kerbonaut who ended up stranded on the Mun when his engine fell off? Well, I launched my first rescue mission to go save him. First I launched a single man capsule which touched down about 3.5 km away. T

    he Kerbonaut then walked, or EVA'ed, his way there to make this the first meeting of two Kerbins on another world:

    The three person lander was then launched. A Kerbonaut was selected to stay on the launch pad to make room for the extra guy. He was killed by falling rocket stages T^T...
    Regardless, this three person lander touched down just 2.3 km away making a very quick rendezvous. The ship launched into space. Due to lack of fuel and most other things, lunar orbit was ignored entirely. By using a very intricate system of orbiting Kerbin and then slingshotting round into a lower orbit around Kerbin was drawn up leading to interesting images:

    Now I'm stuck in orbit and so I'm using the Kerbonauts EVA suits to slowly lower my periapsis....

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  6. Well, that took ages... They're home now and I'm a little tired of going:
    Fly to back

    I'm going to continue on project Gemini for now...
  7. Thought I'd join in the space race XD I've been a kerballer for a little while now and I have got as far as minmus, Auhjos and I are now in the KUU (Kerbal Universal Union) and are now in a race to explore the entire solar system against Sonic, our latest advance is discovering a lunar arch, pics soon.
  8. Well, project Gemini failed drastically so I moved onto a space shuttle program which... went... well?

    I then began a VTOL project which lead to the discovery of two Easter eggs:

    So I moved back to the Mun to locate the two most infamous Easter eggs ever: The Niel Armstrong monument and the mysterious Lunar arch. I lowered myself into an orbit just above 100km when I spotted a twinkling below me. Could this be the monument? I came in for a landing and touched down a few km away. One short EVA trip later and I was stunned... No monument at all... Just the LUNAR ARCH :eek:
    I did a few mesurements and top from bottom it stands at 153m and at 100km above it, it takes up about 7 pixels ;)

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  9. Wow I didnt think the arch's were that big.
  10. You know the star destroyers from star wars... I just got an idea... Stay tuned :D

    Edit: This thing lags my computer to Jool and back T_T

    I'm going to be working on better looking armor for it as right now it looks a little... naked...

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  11. That thing looks awesome. :cool:
  12. I've built an updated version with a slightly higher DeltaV, an escape pod system and more armor. Weapons are still a problem but I'll figure something out. Getting into orbit isn't the trouble, the launch stages work perfectly, it's the fact that it makes me run on less than 5fps so it makes flying it a pain in the Notch. I'll try and get some images up but I doubt I will as I'm working on a secret KSP project ;)
    Stay tuned!
  13. Ok, secret project was just the Duna mission... How'd it go???

    Pretty standard...
    Landing is really frustrating in the fact that its landscape is like that if the Mun's, cratered with lots of hills and that the atmosphere is enough to areobrake in but not to loose lots of speed, like Kerbin's. The gravity is also frustrating in the fact that you need to get in close to feel it but on the surface it's still takes out 95% of the force that the EVA pack gives you.

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  14. Wow that's awesome man. I haven't even made an attempt at any other planets yet.
  15. It's pretty hard but the hardest part is getting all the maths right. To get to Duna be 150 degrees behind sunlight while orbiting at 90 and burn when Duna is 44.3 degrees in front of you :p
    Getting back? Well... That's a new problem :/
  16. I've landed on Duna for the second time now:

    Then I decided:

    After about 15 landing attempts because the ground refuses to be flat...

    And now I'm in orbit around Duna at about 1,000km up trying to figure out how to get home T^T

    Edit: I landed back down on Duna as a permanent research station. Triple landing FTW!

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  17. I discovered something phenomenal, I landed on Duna for the first time, in a location that looks onto ike and noticed that Ikes orbit exactly coincides with Dunas rotation giving the illusion it dosen't move in the sky.

    It also lines up with the star exactly creating beautiful eclipses from ike, pics soon.
  18. Fast forward time to 100,000. Ike bounces :lol:
  19. Well, I landed Bill back onto Duna (he has no fuel :( ) and sent Jeb there cause he hadn't visited yet! :p

    I'm going to take him up to Ike then get Derbie home. Eventually I'll have to get Bill home somehow (or I could kill him) but all shall be fine.

    Next stop: Eve!

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