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Kerbal Space Program

Discussion in 'Kerbal Space Program' started by sonicsteve, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. Dude, sterling job! 900m is more accurate than curiosity!
  2. My reasearch on Duna and Ike:
    Duna and Ike have the same gravity, which is why they're tidally locked. This means that as Duna is 320km across and Ike is 130km, Ike has a density of about 8,100,000g/m^3. That means Ike needs to be over 426,000 times denser than gold 0_o...

    Alright, enough fooling around. Time to get Derbie and Jeb home. Sorry Bill.
  3. Well, Derbie is now home and took some great photos:

    I'm gonna get Jeb home the same way and then show off my latest invention...

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  5. Kerbin > Mun > Minimus > Kerbin

    Achieved in under 3 days game time making Jeb the first Kerb to visit multiple bodies in one sitting XD

    as I approached Kerbin I shook off my last two tanks with engine attached and they continued the burn upwards and almost got them self into orbit! [Pictured Below]

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  6. Argh! I have so much science to do! D:<
    1. Send atmospheric probes to Eve to examine its gravity and atmosphere to determine safe landing sights.
    2. Send up into orbit 4 Star Blasters to defend Kerbin from an orbit of 125km
    3. Send up into orbit the KRS (Kerbal Research Station) at a height of 250km, like the ISS :D; from here I'll be able to calculate the size and mass of Kerbin and the Mun)
    4. Send atmospheric probes to Jool to determine safe orbiting distances
    5. Send atmospheric probes to Laythe to examine its gravity and atmosphere

    Also, I built a train then decided to see how fast I could go over land with a very 'safe' solid rocket car complete with escape system (I've topped out at 415m/s with safe ejection). IMAGE MONTAGE!

    Yes I know that the probe thing is missing but that's a WIP more than anything else...

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  7. Alas! landed on Eve!

    it's EVEn more beautiful than I Imagined :3

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  8. At last* :p, 'Alas' means 'Oh no!' or 'regret', etc., sorry couldn't help myself XD
  9. At last* :p, 'Alas' means 'Oh no!' or 'regret', etc., sorry couldn't help myself XD[/quote

    Alas was invented in the late 33rd Century by the last king of the dinosaurs as a plethro of Ice Creams but was later changed to mean whatever the hell you want it to by the grammar nazi crusaders.
  10. I've been to almost every planet (Moho! *shakes fist*) and laythe now with my frustratingly large and hard to maneuver atmospheric probe machine. I now have very accurate information about all the planets gravity and atmospheres. Awesome :3
  11. Heh, and to think I was good at history. It is all lies apparently. HAIL THE DINOSAUR KING.
  12. The KRS is finally in orbit!!! It took a while as a mix of low fuel, large mass and the fact that it tends to self destruct all kept it grounded but with a revised launch profile, it now stands as a beacon for all of Kerbin kind. My standard orbit height is 125km but the KRS has been raised to 250km, near the orbit of the ISS, due to the growing risk of a potential collision with space debris (Really, this stuff is everywhere and is forming a ring around Kerbin at 125km). I will over the next few days take readings from it to examine the possible composition of Kerbin's atmosphere, mass and other such things.

    The KRS info package:
    Crew: 3
    Docking ports: 2
    Solar Panels (Wing connectors): 12
    Fuel load for station (Now entirely consumed): 5,200L
    Mass (Guesstimate): 13.2 Tons or as much as one of these http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMP-1 (The ISS is 450 Tons)
    Engines: 3
    RCS ports: 24

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  13. New record for a Lunar landing! I came in at just about 1 hour 30 mins!!! :eek:

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  14. Well, if anyone's still here... I landed on Vall and discovered its incredibly [you'll have to fly there first ;)] landscape... Jool was pretty awesome too.

    I then finished it up and finally got my probe ship ready for its long flight to Jool...
    Here's an annotated image:

    The probes work like this: I face retro grade and the probe's decoupler activates just as eight separtrons fire and the parachute activates. You may notice that the sepatrons are tilted slightly. This gives the probe spin which stabilizes it. The speed of the probe drops by about 600m/s. This is usually enough to break orbit. The probe then descends to the planet. When it hits the atmosphere the parachute opens (as it was already active) and the decent is slowed before it touches down. I can use this to scout out landing sights, test atmospheric pressure and it looks pretty cool too. Right now I'm using them to get a look at the landscape of Jool. If the probes don't survive then I can always fire them off at Laythe :p

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  15. I'm locking this thread. Everyone, please create a new thread for your adventures :)
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