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Kingdom of the Sky

Discussion in 'Mods, Texture Packs, and Maps (Challenges)' started by Pythros, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. I really suggest in playing this map. Poet and I played it together yesterday and completed it today. It is geared for 1 or 2 people. If you go multiplayer for it, I HIGHLY recommend in getting a plugin that disables creepers block damage and disables enderman griefing, such as WorldGuard. Otherwise, it can ruin redstone torches and building structures that are semi needed :)
    If you do single player, I suggest the same if there are such mods, but I don't play SSP enough to know :)

    http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/532 ... downloads/

  2. Played it and I recommend it!
    Wow, this guy really thought this through.
  3. Oh, yeah. Really cool!

    I haven't gotten all the way through yet (Only just built the bridge), but I love it already.
  4. I played on hard and it took me ages to get through that tunnel :)
    It would have been easier if ! realized that the wolves in the town could be tamed...
  5. Lol!

    I started on normal. I got into that old tunnel where the button to build the bridge was in. When I got to the first room with books inside, I pulled the lever. Unfortunately, I didn't notice the door opening up, so I went back to see if the bridge had built. When I was up there, a creeper blew up, and opened a hole that extended down into the other room with the bookshelves!

  6. lol. I was about to rage quit when a creeper killed me as i walked out of a check point...
  7. Hehehe!

    Yeah, I'm working on the three lava spheres right now. Took me forever to get onto the skybridge, because I had a small amount of torches. The first time I tried to cross the links to the entrance to it, a skeleton shot me, and I lost most of my stuff.

    I've found a good bit of hidden chests now! I own two pieces of diamond armor, a few cooked items, plenty of bones now (creepers keep blowing up my poor dogs!), and a cooked fish.

    I hate the creepers. I mean, I would be fine without them. They keep blowing me up, though. I only found two bows, and I lost them both when I fell out of the sky. *sigh*

    Did anyone else have a problem with the first bridge not building completely? Because I did. I had to go and put some cobblestone on just so I could reach the other side.
  8. A creeper blew up some circuitry and broke loads of stuff and I was so... GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!... that I just started again. None the less its a good map^^
  9. Heh, yeah, creepers seem good at that. I was turning on those three spheres, when, just in the ruins, a creeper blew, and gave me quick access from the surface to the tunnels underneath.

    I'm at the castle now. I started the catacombs. I started them with six dogs following me. I'm down to none. I reached an iron door, I'm running low on food, my health is at 2.5 hearts, I don't have any food to eat, and I have an inventory full of useless gold items.

    But, other than that, pretty good! I must say, I love this map.
  10. Fun! thanks pyth for mentioning this :D
  11. Made it through the maze of insanity. And look, you don't appear to be insane...much.

    Finished the map. A good one, at that. Took me forever to get through the ghasts. I didn't have much of a problem getting rid of the mobs in that black room, but the ghasts just wouldn't go away. Let's hear it for five stacks of arrows!

    The castle was well done. The only thing I didn't really like about this was that you couldn't really take your stuff with you. You rarely got to go back to get some important stuff that you liked so much, you didn't want to risk losing it. Only in the beginning few parts was I able to do this.

    Right after the ghast room, in the painting room, I was unable to figure out how to open those four blocks. I checked the whole room, went back to the previous one, even checked inside the ghast room (which nearly killed me, BTW), and still couldn't find a way to open them. So I ended up breaking them down.

    When I got to the room with the slowsand, I just gave up on mobs and turned the difficulty down to peaceful. THAT was not a fun room!

    I liked how the end worked. The way the wall fell away was amazing, and must have been a brilliant feat of engineering. I can't wait for the sequel. Thanks for recommending it!
  12. We couldn't figure out why the door in the room with paintings wasn't working at all. I thought we might has to shoot the paintings for it to drop on a pressure plate. However, you aren't suppose to destroy blocks so that threw idea out. I ended up destroying the door as well since I figured it was those stupid enderman messing up the redstone from something else.

    You know that tunnel you find to get into the crypt? We couldn't find it at all! I had to watch a couple youtube videos to see where it was. I go to the spot, and the entire tunnel was covered with the sandstone! Had to hack it down to find a tnt block on the other side o_O So again, I blame the enderman on that one too...

    Oh that ghast room was annoying.... Went back and got a ton of wolves to kill the mobs and light up the place. Then had to deal with glitching ghast that you couldn't kill but could hurt you >.>
  13. I went insane on that maze...

    I also tried shooting paintings pyth, but i also had to cheat

    after I finsihed the map, I got the ride the enderdragon mod and tore the map to peices!
  14. Because thats what everyone else does!

    I just thought to myself, "That was a good map!" then deleted it.
  15. \iif i knew how to download that mod, i would have done the same :D
  16. here you go!

  17. It's funny, I didn't have any problems with the maze. I went one way, all the way to the end of the maze, then started going through each rank and file.