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Land Clearing Needed!

Discussion in 'General' started by Embernight, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. I am building the Silver Creek Equestrian Center at (-24, 63, -1507). This center will include a racing track, a trail path, horse stables, and a stadium containing a café, hall of fame, information and entry counter, and a store. This will require a lot of time and work, so I need some help in completing it.

    Right now, I’m looking for 3-5 players who can help in landscaping a certain area to make room for a horse track and stadium. Part of the land contains large hills, which need to be flattened out.

    Any wood chopped down can be kept. I don’t need it. You may also keep any gravel, iron, granite, and coal you mine up. The only block I would like during this process is the new stone blocks, andesite and diorite, and dirt.

    As for payment and recognition upon completing the task:
    - Your choice of either…
    1 horse
    1 donkey
    2 Mules
    - Your choice of either…
    32 carrots
    64 melon slices
    4 rabbits of your choice in color
    -Your choice of either...
    2 Diamonds
    1 Emerald
    - Your name on a recognition wall at entrance of the stadium.

    (Example payment: 1 Horse, 32 carrots, 1 Emerald, and recognition)

    *Please do not ask to help build the stadium, as I am reconstructing it based on a stadium I built on a single player world.