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"Last Ditch Effort"

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Eraisuithon134, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. Now before you read what i'm about to propose i advise you to hear me out and think about the benefits that this will bring to the server... :D

    First off i know that this has been discussed before but i would like to bring it up one last time... because i think that it will boost the server traffic...

    As you may know, player vs player combat causes (at times) contention and potentially... hurt feelings. Buttt putting that aside... i think that most (yes I'm making a generalization here) minecrafters enjoy the pvp experience. For one... if a player is planning on fighting another player he knows that there is the potential risk of death/loss of stuff/hurt-pride... On the downside having pvp on the main world brings the risk of players that don't want pvp in any form getting killed without notice. Buttt... as i stated earlier (in my generalization) most minecrafters don't mind the risk of pvp..

    With that said i would like to now bring up the positives for the server/community... If you take a look at the website http://minestatus.net/ you will quickly notice that out of the top 15 voted for servers on the internet 10 of them have pvp... This shows further evidence that "most minecrafters enjoy the pvp experience" (yes i did just quote myself). I think that adding pvp to the main world (not just the separate faction world) will greatly benefit the server traffic we get (server traffic as in new players logging in).

    Now for those players that absolutely despise pvp and only want to build and live off the land here is what i have to say...
    I am sure that there is a way for pyth/everdras/gili to put a no-pvp tag (somehow guards you from getting killed by other players but still allows mob related and self-inflicted deaths) on those players that don't want the pvp experience..

    Now before you make a decision (head mods and up/pyth) please think this over and put into consideration the benefits that this would bring... :D

    Thanks for reading :D
  2. Everdras Bit Shifter

    Personally, I've always been a fan of having PvP enabled globally, then disable it for towns and similar things.

    Pythros has never been much for the idea though, and I think I've pitched it a few times.
  3. Could people also request their homes to be protected from PvP?
  4. Hence the title of the post :D
  5. We could have PvP enabled in a specific super-fancy (and super-deadly) arena, and leave it disabled globally.
  6. Honestly i thing most of the moderators feel this way.
  7. Eremos will have PvP. Will need to configure a few plugins for it.
  8. I understand the whole "our community can't handle pvp" type thing where it causes drama and disputes but if we could monitor it in a reasonable way (like houses and towns, etc. being protected) i think it could work. I mean we do have a ton of active staff :p
    Any other particular reasons why you don't like it pyth?
  9. If you get killed with all of your stuff in you it could lead to some very upsetting language being exchanged in the chat. I understand it as I both saw and took part in this on separate servers before ChiRho. So here's my solution:
    Maybe we could have a PvP toggle system where people could go to spawn, punch a sign (or other thing) and have the ability to deal and receive PvP damage turned off. That way people who want to PvP can and those who don't are protected.
  10. Do you know how to make that work? Cause that sounds like a great idea
  11. I wanted to create a server that will bring players together as a community and do things together. Not to make for competition of PvP as the focus of the server which could lead to "bad blood" against another.
  12. Ok, i understand. It was worth a try. :D