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Lottery thread, first drawing on the 19th

Discussion in 'General' started by Mcon, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Okay, by popular (Auhjos') demand, understanding that I accept any punishment given to me if I cheat the players who give their trust and their stuff to me, and with full knowledge that said punishment could well result in a ban, with the power vested in me by the fact that I am a mod of considerable knowledge, wealth (a little of it), held in respect, being the handsomest player on the server, and my most austere quality of being the humblest around, without a current veto from Pythros denying this (the lottery, not my qualities), I hereby announce the first Server Wide Lottery!

    To reiterate how this will work: For now, there will be a three day delay between lottery drawings. This is so that we have enough participation; I may shorten the time between drawings if there is great demand for this, or if we have an astounding number of people who enter the lottery. I reserve the right to hold off the lottery for a few days if there is not enough participation for a certain time period. The members who have already bought a lottery ticket have the right, after six days without a drawing, to demand a refund for their ticket, if no drawing has been held on account of participation.

    The lottery will be drawn with numbers from Random.org. Anyone who buys a ticket is to post in this thread, giving their number. There is a limit of five tickets per person; I would suggest only buying one for now, however, until participation picks up. The price of the tickets is subject to change; I can, at requests, set the price at different amounts of tallents, or amounts of iron or other valuable materials. However, everyone who wants a ticket must pay; there will be no free tickets at all. If there is less than four players who have bought tickets, I will issue a refund for those who bought tickets.

    Payout will be about 75% of the ticket sales. If we have an astounding amount of people buying tickets, I will raise the percentage of the payout. Payout goes only to the winner of the lottery, and there will be no prize for second place at this time. I may in the future draw a second number for a smaller second place prize, perhaps a full refund of the ticket price.

    Currently, I am only selling tickets for tallents. This is to make it easier for the time being, as I will have to figure out how exactly people could deposit goods in a certain location where I could access them, yet not have others stealing. As it stands, the current plan is this: To have a location by spawn where chests can be placed, which will hold the wares of any material ticket prices. The player will place the chest themselves, and then give me access to the chest. This would allow you to place the stuff in there, and me to take it out to give to the winning player.

    When you buy a lottery ticket, you will send the (money/item/items) to me, Mcon. For tallents, the command is /money pay Mcon <price for the current lottery>. For giving me access to the chest you place, I don't know the exact command, but it can be found by typing in /lwc, and that will give you a list in which you can add members to a chest lock. When you have done this, you can post in this thread giving your ticket number. You can have any number of two digits, from 1 all the way to 99.

    I might have forgotten something, so if you have questions, ask them.

    The drawing time will be 6:30 AM, EST on Wednesday, October 19th. Drawing times will always be held at 6:30 AM, EST. They days will change, though. Current price for one ticket: 200 tallents. With ten people participating, that means the prize for the winner will be 1500 tallents. The winner will gain a total of 1300 tallents net, and that is if we only have ten people.

    Have at!
  2. What happens if you aren't on the server at 6:30 AM, EST on Wednesday, October 19th (or any day for that matter)

    I'll buy 1 ticket # 63
  3. You send the money to me when I'm not on the server, I send the money to you when you are off the server. I'll also send a message (mail) to the winner, informing them that they won. If(when) we start using goods for tickets, I will let them know that the stuff is in the chest they placed at the lottery place. I will probably make some kind of building for it.

    Send the money to me on the server (Come to think of it, I would like a mail message saying how many tickets were bought sent to me as well, so I have an in-game record of who sent money), and I will make sure you are on the list.

    To Pythros (or anyone else with the authority): If possible, I would like some kind of blurb placed on the news flashes that sometimes come around. If this is possible, of course. If not, I'll make do with promoting it myself.
  4. Send me a PM with what you want in it and the colors of the text ;)

    Also, I recommend only players that are online during the drawing should be able to win ;)
  5. Really? :?: Can i get a refund then? :D
  6. I'm assuming that the person who's ticket number is closest to the Random.org number win right :?:
  7. How do you know if someone has paid you or not for the ticket while you were offline.

    BTW i paid you for 100 tickets, so i win.
  8. Thanks for that, Gili. However, I said, only five tickets per person. I keep track by checking my balance against who said they paid, to how much money I actually have.
  9. so what if two people say they bought 1 ticket, but only the money for 1 ticket goes into your account, who do you trust?
  10. You aren't supposed to give them ideas, okay? I'm working on it. It will be better when I finish my casino. At least I can have it narrowed down to different suspects, okay?

    oh, and @Erai: I suppose, if you really want to drop out, I can give a refund. But so far, you have a good chance of winning!

    Auhjos, I will be picking either the closest number, or I will see if there is a way to enter the different numbers I have, and have it pick from those.
  11. Ok i'm buying a ticket.
    EDIT: Payed and number = 53
  12. @Mcon i was joking :) im still in
  13. I introduced gambling onto this server :D
  14. we can still win when we aren't on right? Cause i have school at the time you come one :p Unless it's a weekend ofc.
  15. me 2

    that's why i haven't bought a ticket
  16. You will have to ask Pythros. I personally understand that many people aren't available when I am to announce the winners, and I would go with it doesn't matter when you are on. However, if he wants it that way, I can do it that way. I could also work around to a time when most are on. If there is a certain time when you are always on, let me know, and I can see if that will work for me.
  17. I live in Britain so 5 in the afternoon for me is noon for you.
    I'm usually on at 7-10 pm (for me) which is 2-5pm for you.
    6:30am for you is 1:30am for me.

  18. If need be, I can do the drawing between 2-5 my time. I will not be able to do that time on any Tuesday, though, and no earlier than that on any Thursday. And that is if I have enough download space left. So, I will try, but no promises.
  19. Just do the lottery at your preferred time and put a sign up at spawn :p
  20. Are you having a set time when you do these lotteries?