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Lottery thread, first drawing on the 19th

Discussion in 'General' started by Mcon, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. So far, what works the bestest for me is still 6:30 EST. I can make that almost any day of the week. That is currently the accepted time.

    I have tickets now from Erei and Gili! Looks like they could almost double their investment! Isn't that cool?

    If we don't have any more participants, do you still want to go ahead with it? I'm fine either way; I get a cut both ways. I'll give out 375 tallents to the winner if we don't get any more people.
  2. I guess that is fine. Use /seen on the player to make sure they have been active within 3 days of the lottery day in order for them to win.
  3. Aye, Cap'n!

    Do you happen to know if there is a way to see who sent you money when you weren't on the server? Because that would make it much easier for me...
  4. /send mcon 200

    can i have #123?
  5. I'm sorry, you can't. Only two digit numbers. And you have to do that command in game. You can have 12.3, if you like. I think... Anyways, I'll have to check.
  6. I did the command in game.
    when i said it here it was a joke
    I'll take number 72
  7. Just making sure. Thanks for playing! Construction of the rather small Mcon Casino is continuing, and I hope to make it ornate. I'm not a great architect; so if someone wants to take a look at it, and see what they can build, I'm willing to pay in goods or tallents, just name your price. I have a location set up, and a general size. I want the entrance to be somewhat ornate, with a wooden roof (don't care if anything else is wood, it could be or might not be, just depends if you want to undo the three high cobblestone I put up. I want underground rooms with tables and benches, or whatever you want to make it out of. I will accept the best offer of who wants to design and build it. I can get the co-ordinates when I get back on later.

    Just something to consider if you want some extra cash....

    Edit: @Auhjos: Just noticed, you have a flaw in your reasoning. About the time, that is. If you are five hours ahead of me, then when I draw, it will be 11:30 AM for you, as long as I draw at 6:30 AM here.

  8. Unfortunately, there isn't without looking at the server logs.
  9. Mcon I have some ideas for a bigger, more extravagant casino. I would maybe like to help when you start a bigger casino.
    I will accept pay in minerals or talents.

    -XDmaster66 :lol:
  10. Can I help?
  11. Co-ords at :

    450, 72, 123

    Very small currently. I want to have a general idea of your plan before you do anything; I will have to add you to the protection, anyways. Auhjos, you can help, if you give me a better idea/price than XD.
  12. Well, I just want to help out so no payment is expected.
    The only thing I will claim for are SOME building materials, not all.
  13. I am waiting to help to a bigger casino.
  14. what will the casino do or is it just for show
  15. When I start doing tickets for goods, this will be the place where you store your ticket price. For example, if the price was five diamonds, you would go to the casino, and you would place in your chest (which you will have already set up) the five diamonds. Then, when the winner is announced, I will take everything from those chests, hold on to my own take, and place the remaining diamonds into the winner's chest. The chests will only be open to the person who placed it, and me. This is so no one else steals someone else's stuff.
  16. I'm thinking maybe a reception with a red wool floor then from there, floor upon floor of mock casino stuff with labeled chests at the back of each room. At the top a glass plated restaurant. Walls and floors will be made of sandstone. Lighting will be torches and glowstone. A chandelier made of fences and glowstone will be hanging from the roof in reception. On the top floor (in restaurant) there will be a library, a pool/snooker table and a bar. Method of transport will be a switch back wooden stair case.

    That's my idea. Thoughts?
  17. If that is your idea of small I will help.
    May i also add some ideas?
    Such as maybe a few gold pillars in front, A founatian and the other stuff seems good.
    Count me in! Just tell me when and where and I'll see if I can help.

  18. I like the fountain with the pillars idea and btw this plan is the finished product
  19. Wow, you guys have plans. Okay, I will start making some outlines of the area tomorrow. I will also add each of you to the protection. Everything sounds good, I just can't provide everything. I will try to get some materials listed here to chests in that location tomorrow.