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Lottery thread, first drawing on the 19th

Discussion in 'General' started by Mcon, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. I got some gold. :cool:
  2. i got 14 blocks and 2 ingots
  3. Mcon may I suggest for transfering items using the virtual chests that way they can be transfered and no one can steal and you can set up multiple virtual chests
  4. Great idea ;)
  5. I'm not sure I understand the concept of what you are trying to tell me...

    Please, elaborate.

    Edit: Yeah, sorry, I forgot to put this up the first time. Anyways, I overslept this morning, and wasn't able to get on in my assigned time. I will try to get on sometime today to do all that stuff I said, but I wouldn't count on it until tomorrow. Thanks!
  6. Do you like the casino plans :?:
  7. I already said I liked the plans...
  8. Oh i accidentally skipped that post.
  9. Are the boundries for the casino set up?
    Also do we have to be on for the drawings?

    I also hope we have glowstone....
    I would go get more but the nether isn't open now.

    -XDmaster66 ;)
  10. I need lots of sandstone for a start...
    Glowstone we'll have to worry about later
  11. Good plan when i get on i'll fetch some
    I'll be on soon
  12. What will we call the place?

    The MCGrand?
  13. The MCGrand??
    Where is it anyway??
  14. Check the thread in projects.

    Also, the official name will be something like Mcon Casino and Resort. Perhaps just something with Casino and Resort, since I haven't done most of the building.
  15. I think MCGrand is a great name.
    In Vegas there is a casino called the MGM Grand so yer...
  16. Why not just tell me where it is?
  17. The co-ords are in this thread on the first page, and so are they on the other thread.
  18. whatever i'll get there now
  19. Yay!
  20. I've paid and will take number 77