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Lottery thread, first drawing on the 19th

Discussion in 'General' started by Mcon, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. 24, Mcon told me to post my number.
  2. List of people and numbers:

    Eraisuithon1342 with 63

    Gili707 with 53

    XDmaster66 with 72

    Sonicsteve with 77

    supercrossed with 24

    Auhjos, you still haven't bought a ticket...

    And remember, drawing is tomorrow!
  3. If you are buying a ticket, you need to send me 200 tallents in game, and post your number in this thread. Pick will be closest number without going over. As long as you have been active in the past three days, you will be fine. Also, you need to send a mail message to me IG saying that you payed, so I have a record.


    With Hydro, current winnings stand at 1,100 tallents! Can you say, Jackpot? If Auhjos buys a ticket (weird that he didn't yet, as he was one of the strongest advocates of this thing), the jackpot goes up to 1,250 tallents.

    Edit: Yes, it's true, I have learned how to use random.org! This means, I will be entering each of the numbers that you have picked, and random.org will choose one of those numbers entered. And that person will be the winner!

    Also, I'm considering in the future, to make larger jackpots, a different lottery type. In the new improved lottery type, everyone picks a five number span between 1 and 99, and I use random.org to chose any number in that range. If the number is within one of your five number spans, you win. If not, the money is kept for the next round. You will need to buy another five number span to enter in the higher jackpot round. What do you think about that? Just an idea for the future.
  4. I'm looking for people to donate sand, sandstone, black and red dye/wool and glowstone for this project. Look in projects for its location and building progress thread. Extra help will be appreciated.
  5. Auhjos, I'm ashamed of you. Not even going to buy a ticket. *sigh*
  6. I'm working on the casino! When its done I'll enter the lotto
    And the tickets are quite expensive (in my opinion)
  7. Alright, and the winner is in! Jackpot goes to XDmaster66, and the money has been paid! Thanks everyone for playing!

    Next drawing is on the 22nd of October, this coming Saturday, at 6:30 AM EST. Hope to see you all there! For this one, the ticket prices will be 200 tallents, still.
  8. FYI the jackpot was 1050 talents
  9. Ooh, just noticed, I owe another 50 to XD. Turns out I forgot the total jackpot (stated above in the post about the numbers I had recieved, I noted that it would be a 1,100 tallents jackpot. The number I gave would be the amount you would have received, had I taken my full 25% cut. Instead, being gracious, I'm sending the extra tallents over next time I get on.

    Casino is going well, thanks to Auhjos! Check the projects thread for more details.
  10. Just remember, the more who enter, the more money you guys get!
  11. Well, that's odd. I just put something in the project thread for the casino, I go to the forum index, see a new post in there, and notice that you posted, Auhjos, but I couldn't find mine! And it was a long winded speech, too...
  12. That happens to me sometimes...
    Oh well :cry:
  13. I won :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    YAY! i'd like to buy another ticket
    lets go 72 again
  14. Goody goody
  15. Soon we will be holding an items lottery where you bet items on your number. Everyone has their own chest. The winnings will be put into a private chest for the winner at the casino! We might be using the equivalent exchange mod to find out what is equal to what (512 cobble = 1 diamond)

    NOTE: If items are not collected by the next lottery, 25% will be taken out and the rest will be bet on again.
  16. Well, think of it this way: The higher the ticket prices, the higher the jackpot. If we charged only 50 tallents to get a ticket, in order for you to get a 1,050 tallent jackpot (or whatever it was), you would need at least twenty one people to sign up, and that's without my cut!

    So, remember the investment rule: Less risk means less return. The smaller your contribution, or the more safe an investment is, the more likely it is for your reward or return to be small.

    As it is, only one person holds a ticket for this lottery. The drawing is tomorrow, and I think I'll have to issue a refund. Unless you want to go ahead and buy a ticket. You would have a 50/50 chance of winning 375 tallents!
  17. Just remember to post ticket numbers in tickets thread!
  18. XD, please post your ticket and number in the forum.
  19. hey Mcon is the Casino going to be two stories? if it is i am willing to make you an elevator out of pistons. its easy for me to make maybe 30 min but i just need the materials if you do want an elevator also free of charge i get bored and like making redstone stuff :D