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Lottery thread, first drawing on the 19th

Discussion in 'General' started by Mcon, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. guy
    The casino is going to be A LOT more than 2 stories
  2. Already, the current Casino has five floors, a sixth started, plus a basement. I don't believe an elevator is currently needed, however, when we go to the Minecraft 1.0(or 1.10, whatever) map, we will be making the casino grander and better, using some elements from the current one, while expanding the building and adding in extra stuff. An elevator would be a fine addition when we start building on that map.

  3. I did the basement :p
  4. Gili, I saw what you made and I'm impressed!
    I have no clue how to work it though...
  5. Shnaff gave me a quick runthrough. Although we are missing some TnT in chamber three, it should work fine. In the basement, a each person steps into one chamber. When they are in, the Casino employee pulls the newly installed levers on the iron doors to lock in their choices. When they are ready, the employee pulls another lever, which gives a redstone signal down underneath the basement, where a randomizer is located. The randomizer picks one of the four piles of TnT randomly, and that person blows up. Then, you repeat the process until only one is left alive.

  6. Nice! I'll kill some more creepers
  7. I have personally 12 gunpowder, but we will need plenty, as each time we play the game, we will need to replace one of the TnT blocks.

    I checked, and there are about 5 TnT on the shop, listed for between 10 and 30 tallents each.
  8. Well what you need to do is quickly flick the lever on and off. I'd say half a second.
  9. that willl be a lot of explosives
  10. Yes, it will.

    Thanks for the info, Gili!!!
  11. Only uses 3 TNT per round.. Not that much.
  12. Nice^^
    I've had a second look and have an idea of how it works now.
  13. You'll need to reset the circuit every restart though :(
  14. A. Maybe we could fit a lava trap from above as well.
    B. Very Handy.
    C. That's an unavoidable problem without a lava trap.
  15. If its better I'll wire it into a trapdoor into lava, it's just as easy :p
  16. Sounds....good!

    And it's much more deadly!
  17. Well then I'll do that later today. And also check out hydro's circuit that survives restarts and see if I can apply it to my randomiser.
  18. Sure thing.
    I'll get the lava
  19. Done the lava traps, and i'm gonna check out that circuit when i see hydro.
  20. I've looked at the redstone and it should be fine. Just instead of TNT, its a trapdoor/piston.