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Lottery tickets!

Discussion in 'General' started by auhjos, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. This thread is to help keep track of the lottery. Post any quires here: http://forums.px-e.net/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=257

    Please post here:

    1. Money/Items spent on ticket
    2. Ticket number (Pick a number between 1 and 99)
    3. Date ticket bought

    I will be posting winners and their jackpots.
    For actual real time numbers go to the casino here: X=457 Y=77 Z=116
    Type of lottery will also be posted.

    This week: Talents only
    Ticket price: 200 Talents
    Max amount of tickets: 5
  2. 1. 200 Talents
    2. 50
    3. 21st
  3. 1. 400 talents to mcon
    2. 94 and 11
    3. 21st
  4. 400t
    72 and 12
    19 and 21
  5. That's four tickets, you paid for two...
  6. 19 and 21 are the dates
  7. I understood him...
  8. Sure you did
  9. Oh sorry, I understand now^^
  10. Due to my inability to log in at the moment, the winner shall be announced!

    Congratz goes to.....

    Gili707, with the number 94! Congratz Gili, you are our first participant who has been drawn both first and last!

    Winnings comprise of: 925 tallents! Paid to you as soon as I can figure out how to get on the server.
  11. Yes. Now i am on top i can stop playing knowing that gambling DOES WIN.
  12. Next drawing will be held on <Mcon, insert date here>
  13. Gili i waz going for a streak here


  14. *psst, Mcon... date please*
  15. ZZZZzzzz - Wha? huh? Oh, date. Yeah. Um, for what? Oh, for a drawing. Yeah, um, Tuesday, October 25th.

    Did Notch fix minecraft yet?
  16. Yeah he did
  17. I'm going to need to change the signs again...
  18. Drawing is tomorrow morning, looks like XDmaster will be the winner!
  19. 1. 200

    2 64?

    Today :p 25th
  20. Congratz to XDmaster! Once again, he has won the jackpot!

    Next drawing to take place on Friday, October 28th, at 6:30 AM EST.

    Auhjos, do we have a chest system set up yet?