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Making a Mod

Discussion in 'Mods, Texture Packs, and Maps (Challenges)' started by Eraisuithon134, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. This may sound like a stupid question but exactly how do you make a mod/tweak the class files? I have always been curious and just want to know. I don't need an essay or anything like that, just a simple explanation (if there is one).

    Edit: i just realized that google works just as well as all of your brains do, sorry for the unnecessary topic, feel free to take it down.
  2. Everdras Bit Shifter

    Two routes:

    1. Be Notch.
    2. Change source files.

    1. Be you.
    2. Decompile minecraft.jar
    3. Modify source files.
  3. if you like i will make a youtube tutorial, its easier than you think.
  4. could you?! that would be awesome 09 :D