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Map Download?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by auhjos, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. And a gold star?
  2. Just this once...
    Is the map going up for download? Please?
  3. Moving it over to Dropbox. I have no idea how long it will take as I can't get an ETA with Dropbox on how long it will take to sync the Zip file.
  4. Good news, it's up. This is the last snapshot of the old world before we moved to Era.


    It's ~283.93 MB zipped up.
  5. Woo! Thanks Pythros :)
  6. I bombed Harlech. :twisted:
  7. Me to :D
    But I did look around some areas of the map when I couldn't never got the chance. Thanks again Pythros :)
  8. Yay! now I can copy my old house without having to hop between servers :p
  9. Theres a suprise...
  10. To be honest Shnaffle, Harlech is extremely well built. It took over 7 bombing runs with 4 different planes (3 crashed). The roof's are mostly half slabs which don't burn and have an extremely high blast resistance so well done there. The castle took me over 30 minutes to even look damaged...
  11. I just loaded all the houses with TNT. But then I downloaded the map again and built a bunch of ships in the harbor.
  12. Auhjos your plans sound like a bad remake of a 9/11 incident. Super thankyou for being constructive though, kinda :3
  13. I wasn't trying to, although looking back on when I crashed into one of the castle towers...
    Regardless, you built a very stable town and the fact that it was legit (duh) impresses me further. 10 points to Shnaffle.
  14. And a goldstar? Again :p
  15. No gold star this time :p Try harder
  16. pythros, cant people look underground for ores, or see in peoples chests and apply their new knowledge to the new world?
  17. Its a download of the old world 09.