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Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by Pythros, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. My computer has been on the fritz for the past week. It's either my video card or my motherboard. Currently, I have no way of testing and troubleshooting it. Unfortunately, I have no way of accessing my hard drive which contains the new map. We'll see what will happen a day or two. Sorry guys =/
  2. Can you not boot it in memory stick mode. (dunno techie name), cause when my computer died, i retrieved the hard drive by booting it in a special way. dunno if windows does it..
  3. I know how you feel dang it!
  4. It's a matter of the computer's power not staying on. It will light up for about 5 seconds and then immediately shuts off. However, I did play around with it last night again and it has something to do with power my video cards. The cards are PCI Express x16 so they need the 8-pin 12v power plugged into the motherboard. If I don't plug in the 8-pin, the computer stays on but doesn't boot to CMOS at all with no error beeps. If I plug in the 8-pin and remove my video card, same reaction. I'm at a stand still.
  5. It's going to cost me too much to get the parts I need to fix my computer. The repair shop said it's my motherboard... Which means that I have to buy a new CPU, motherboard, and memory. Too much for my pocket at this time. Things look grim for future gaming/minecrafting. Futhermore, my brother is no longer working at the data center so he has a week before we either start paying for hosting the server there or it gets removed. The future looks very, very, very grim for XPE. :? :(
  6. Is there an April Fools anywhere in that grimness??? :?
  7. Aaah, well thought erai !
  8. can only hope but its April 2nd so i dont think so
  9. He posted this on the first
  10. well im done on the server for now i will stay on the forums to see if it survives good bye
  11. Okay that has GOT to be an April fools?
  12. Im sad to say its not
  13. Ok forget all of this imway to bored im back till its over
  14. i really hope we can somehow save chirho
  15. Nice April fools joke ;) . Only thing is it's happened to me on so many servers :p.
  16. is it really a joke?
  17. if it really is a joke its a sick one cause i love this server and DONT JOKE LIKE THAT!!
  18. Okay... I was hoping to get more responses from people. Apparently I'm not going to get it.

    The part about the server is April Fool's. However,the part about my computer is not. It is dead in the water until someone hires me (or gives me money) for a job so I can make some money to buy replacement parts for computer. In the meantime, there will be no jungle as of now as it is only on my computer. Era will be just as it was in 1.1. Everdras will start finishing checking plugin updates and see what works and what doesn't. Hopefully things will get ready soon as we will still have to find some replacement plugins or some plugins will not simply be there!
  19. Ahaha! i knew it! Good luck with your computer pyth!
  20. The only Aprils fools that Ive ever fallen for :( Good it was a joke ;P Also if that ever did happen you should open up donations maybe.