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minecraft withdrawls D:

Discussion in 'General' started by darkdemon987, May 19, 2012.

  1. mkay so heres the stitch :l
    i cannot log in to minecraft.net. AT ALL D:
    i will soon be going through withdrawls :(
    just posting this to see if anyone has gone through this problem before and if they have any suggestions?
    i dont think i can handle not being online :'(

    so the call is out, PLEASE HELP MEHHH!!! D:
  2. Have you tried:

    1)Switching it off and on again.
    2)Uninstalling and reinstalling. (this means deleting the support file too (in %appdata for windows and Finder>yourname>application support>minecraft.)
    3)Asking your computer very politely.
  3. scrap all that. i can't connect either.
  4. I couldnt either its fixed now :)
    Scrap that its down again :(
  5. so noone can get on? D: does that mean their doing maintenance? :p
    i havent been able to get on for a few hours now D: its doing ym head in >.<
  6. YEah no one can log in. So with no plans for the evening Ive busted out my old PC games box. And am playing Titans Quest something I havnt played in years.
    EDIT" its been offline since mid day for me Dark.
  7. i think im going to sue. :l i cannot handle this D: i dont have an old game box :( so now i have nothing, NOTHING to do ;(
  8. Can you plan offline in singleplayer? I can't even do that for some reason it wont let me.
  9. I have started to download Tribes Ascend, looks really cool and its free :D
  10. googling it now XD
  11. Does it require high specs? It doesnt look like my computer could handle it
  12. lowest graphics should do ^_^ if my pc can im sure yours can :p AION works good on my pc and it needs about the same :p
  13. Tetris on my old gameboy :p
  14. its still down, this keeps auhjos your gunna have to reschedule your wedding :p
  15. Nope, It's up. I was on with Amy 5 minutes ago :p
  16. WHAT?!?! unaccptable -_- *checks*
    i still cant get in D: why?!?!!?
  17. Try and keep trying Its working for us now