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Minecraft Youtube Channel's

Discussion in 'General' started by Eraisuithon134, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Here are some Youtube channel's i think are worth subscribing to:







    MachinimaRealm(although it kind of spams your sub box, there are some decent minecraft videos available)





    Thats it!
  2. I would sub to paulsoaresjr but after about a week I got bored.
  3. Same here
  4. Does any one here watch antvenom?
  5. im no greifer, but the teamavolition videos are hillarious

    also i would recomend 'henrythecoder' for modding
  6. Is there Lorhk in there?
    I think not....
    Why not
    ADD IT!
  7. ethoslab is a must for the redstone enthusiast
  8. Never heard of half the people mentioned after my original post, but i'll check them out.
  9. Ethoslabs is my #1 watch everyday.
    Docm77 is also a favorite.
    sethbling is always a must see.
    salgurdar is sometimes good.
    Guude is funny, but not so family friendly.

    I spend a lot of time watching Vechs SuperHostile series, and playing them with my gf. So, many nights I am not on the server b/c my gf and I are playing, and she trumps ya'll, sorry.
  10. Why not add in syndacate, his videos are awesome :D
  11. Add me :D
  12. Already done xD