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Mob eggs for sale?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by auhjos, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. I was scrolling through some old posts and I found an interesting one by Ukuleleawesome:

    And I thought, that would be great! Being able to buy animal eggs (Not evil mobs) from a shop/the server. To prevent people from abusing it (/buy 500 cowegg ) it could be fairly expensive. It's an idea which crossed my mind. Perhaps there could be a livestock building at spawn too to add to the realism. Thoughts?
  2. A problem with this (may be solveable with plugins, but IDK) is that eggs only work on Creative.
  3. The eggs work on any game mode regardless of whether the player is in SSP, CSP, SMP or CMP
  4. True, only difference is that in creative you can use one as many times as you want. They're one use only in survival.
  5. this is very true and its a great idea it could really be good for farmers and such and i like mooshrooms to a special power they have......they pee mushroom soup into a bowl if u right click them :lol:
  6. Whoops, my mistake. Derp.
  7. Exactly! That was the whole idea :p
  8. HMMMM... Why stop at eggs? Bottle's o' enchanting too? Thatd be epic! And because you bought them people wouldnt spam them causing lag :D
  9. Great idea Shnaffle!

    Lets starting signing.

  10. meh.
  11. i like this idea

  12. :!:

    Also, if it gets mob eggs added, /sign
  13. SSP= Survival Single Player
    CSP= Creative Single Player
    SMP= Survival Multiplayer
    CMP= Take a wild guess :p
  14. I already have plans for something like this in the Jungle world ;)
  15. Awesome, looks like us farming folk can finally get started :lol: