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Mods and admins executed

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by Shnaffle, Jul 27, 2011.

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  1. Just thought Id show you how things are on the old masterknives server, that my brother plays on.

    We could possibly use this plugin ( no idea on the name) to "kill" banned griefers.

    This shows that they are all very happy to see you admins gone. And that they arent annoyed in the slightest :)

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  2. What's the point of this post?
  3. Everdras Bit Shifter

  4. Everdras Bit Shifter

    You'd think they'd have more urgent things to do than burn NPC's of us.
  5. It was to show this plugin. I thought we could possibly make a sort of graveyard in the nether for banned griefers. It is a little OTT but instead of like a walll with there names on this is more... errm poetic?
  6. We aren't like the community of the EG. We have no need to have a "graveyard" or other way showing who was banned from the server. The only remains would be their structures for sale or reserved for community exploration.
  7. Pythros I think your right we arent twisted OTT hitler supporting wierdos, it was just an idea.
  8. Everdras Bit Shifter

    Why is everyone so butthurt about EG/knives?
  9. I think it's cool that i'm remembered on EG still :p
  10. But then again they are burning your soul forever on their server and

    Ps this post has been done on my iPad.
  11. Everdras Bit Shifter

    Not quite my soul....

    I'm sorry.
  12. Guy, seriously why the P.S. I have an iPad but dont do show off ps' at the bottom of posts.
  13. Everdras Bit Shifter

    You have my condolences as well.
  14. Just kidding I dont have one it was to make guy feel that hes not special, but clearly he is superior to us all. -_-
  15. lol, you have 20 hearts in that pic

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  16. 19* Its a health mod for single player. The graphics are there on smp but you cant fill 'em up :(
  17. Lol, funny. I can imagine Kinves doing that, you know.

    Gili, I didn't know you became an admin. I thought you were just a senior mod there. Must be me.
    But I bet they remember me as well. I heard that I was a legend on this server. The never around, always cool Mcon. At least, that's what Shnaffle said. Or something like that.
  18. Everdras Bit Shifter

    I will be completely honest in that I'm still not 100% certain as to your gender. >.>

    Though, it is nice to see even a vaguely familiar face this side of the rabbit hole. :p
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