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Mods and admins executed

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by Shnaffle, Jul 27, 2011.

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  1. I was never an admin, they just felt the need to make an example of me :p. And Mcon. No legend :p
  2. @Everdras: Let's just leave it at male.
  3. When i said legend i meant as in somthing youve heard of but never experiened if that makes sense??
  4. No. We'll just go with 'extremely awesome'
  5. How about mildly amazing??

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  6. Ah, semantics.

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  7. by the way, since I have made my choice clear on the Exiled server (I kinda went in and insulted Michael_Lee, and stated that I liked Pythros' server better), did they add me to the eternal burning/hanging thing?
  8. Dunno, but you did get banned.
  9. No duh. That was the point of me going there.

    Lol I was so dissapointed when I viewed their new forums and blog and such, that they hadn't mentioned me as a traitor, I had to go over there and set them right so they could ban me!
  10. Everdras Bit Shifter

    That might explain why they were so standoffish when I popped into their TS to see if they were finally calmed down about that whole thing.

    It's so annoying that we have to be enemies like this.
  11. I'm really sorry, but I couldn't stand not pricking Lee.

    I started by reading everything I could find about the Exiled server as it was now. I didn't really like what they were saying and all. I found their address, and then got on. I was on during a high traffic time, and tried to stay inconspicuous for awhile. After a time, I really got tired of things like the language and the players. So, I engaged in a talk with Lee about what had happened, got his side of the story, and then proceeded to state that I was a staff member of Chi-Rho. I am immensely proud of that fact, as Pythros searched me out specifically and asked if I would like to come to his server. I had never gotten anything like that from the Exiled staff or members. I find this server not only more friendly, but under better management, and with much nicer management.

    Immediately after I said this, I was told that I was not welcome anymore.

    While I was there, they also said that if I ever saw Pythros, I was to give him a message, pretty much all of it consisting of words which would get me banned on this server. I have taken the liberty of editing out those words, to give you his message: -snip-

    So, as you might have seen, I had to say something.

    Mod Edit: Saw and read... removing because others don't need to see it ;)
  12. Everdras Bit Shifter

    I really don't get why they're so up about this. In the end, they were the ones who really did all the doing. They banned us, they switched servers, etc

    Actually, on second thought, I do get it. I was really confused about why they felt the need to paint us so black during "Operation Valkyrie", but I get it now. The issue isn't that they hate us. It's that they need to paint us as black as they can so that we can be an enemy who can be justifiably hated. Because if they can give their community someone to hate- some 'great evil'- then their community is less likely to complain about their leadership, less likely to defect, etc. It's been done repeatedly throughout history. Fascist Spain, Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, US during WWII, etc.

    It doesn't matter what really happened. What matters to them is what needed to happen for us to be someone they could hate and fight against in a morally justifiable way.
  13. Everdras Bit Shifter

    Sorry about the story. It's just been increasingly eating me since Knives told me to get stuffed on their TS the other day, when I managed to get on.
  14. Its impressive how Pyth 'stole' the server from MK (well, thats what i had heard)
    My hands up to you Pyth! good job, our liberator!
  15. Pythros owned the server the whole time, Knives put nothing in, Nordic payed for the TS server and pythros the actual server.
  16. As far as I can tell, Knives never actually owned any server for Exiled. When it started out, Phrixos (my buddy IRL) hosted it on his own computer. It was just Knives and Phrixos for awhile, then they invited AydiaFaith and Nordic. That was the point at which Nordic started Hosting the server, I believe, and the whole server went public soon after. So, Knives never had the server, which I find really funny.
  17. Everdras Bit Shifter

    Which makes it even more embarrassing for us since MK is saying we tried to hijack them (steal the map, w/e), since Pyth not only had root access but even had physical access to the box.

    It's like someone giving me the keys to their car, a sledge hammer, an AK-47, a rocket launcher, gasoline, a flamethrower, and thirty tons of TNT and saying "Wreck my car."

    And then me being unable to do so.
  18. I just don't understand how anyone ever let him become the leader :p, when asking Nordic a question, he used to say wait for knives to get on as if he outranked Nordic... Even though as far as I know he never put anything in... Even now, Michael_Lee - a teenager, is having to support the server cause knives is too lazy to get a job, am I the only one that thinks that it's a bit weird that he has that atmosphere of everyone looking up to him all the time?
  19. Everdras Bit Shifter

    I've no idea what knives personal situation is like, beyond the 'no job' thing. Michael's hinted that he had problems growing up, but that doesn't pardon him from moral responsibility for his behavior.
  20. they used slatey propoganda to make people think we are the "baddies"
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