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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Shnaffle, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. As commands have been limited to certain areas and are available as Town Upgrades in certain places. I think it would make sense to maybe restrict all /money and /balancetop commands only to the bank. With fairly obvious logic to this... Although it has its problems. e.g. It makes players personal shops almost useless as all transactions would have to be items and not talents. And by players shops I mean physical buildings people have made with theyre item up for sale.

    This is just a suggestion and I would love to hear everyones opinion :p
  2. I like this idea, but maybe could we have a forum/sub forum for shops? You apply for a merchant license and then people can use /money commands in your shop? That way they arent useless.
    On a related but different note, I think this would be great coupled with the duckshop (i think) plugin that was suggested about a week ago and shot down by pythros. This way people can still trade when the shop owner is offline, and it gives everything a more real feel. That could just be me, but the virtual shop is so... virtual :p With that plugin its much more realistic and it gives shops/banks a better reason to exist.
  3. I agree with Ron
  4. The thing I like about duckshop is it allowes people to have shops as they way its set up at the moment is that only towns can get "shop areas" and think this would be a nice additon
  5. count me in with ron
  6. Can we move the discussion of the shop over to this thread?
    and for those of you who agree with me and like my idea of the shop just choose the poll option yes and say why you agree with me please and thanks :)
  7. When I made the /gi command restricted to the bank, I was thinking about restricting the money commands as well. However, it would require for players to go to the bank to trade money for an item... Not what I really want exactly. I'm looking to aim the feel of the server towards an MMORPG style to that of World of Warcraft, hence why you can only do the VirtualShop commands at the Auction House ;)

    When we move to Spout, things will be molded a lot better.
  8. Then maybe money can be stored at the bank and if you die you lose whatever money you had on you, or it's given to whoever killed you if you're in eremos.
  9. I always thought of /money as a credit card type thing...
  10. You mean a debit card?
  11. Something like that... either way, I like /money just the way it is.