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Mushroom housing

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ukuleleawesome, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. Some of you may have noticed it but people are basically stacking giant mushrooms ontop of eachother and making housing out of it. I think it would be a good idea to make this against our building code like dirt houses are banned. My major reason is, they look horrible. Yea, that's pretty much it.
    Tell me what you think,
  2. I don't think so as mushroom houses are quick and easy to make. I do agree that when people stack the mushrooms up it gets stupid but I like the idea of mushroom houses. They also look nice when compared to other houses.
  3. No i agree with uku here. Mushroom houses pretty much always look absolutely horrible. Especially when people make towers. Even worse than tree towers IMO.
  4. So is this approved?
  5. As far as i'm concerned, yeah, we can limit the stacking of mushrooms on the new map. Have to wait for pyth for the full approval though.
  6. I was thinking that one mushroom grown in a way so that it forms an automatic house is fine. I do agree however that multiple mushrooms all on top of each other are horribly ugly
  7. One mushroom shouldn't be a problem, no. What IS a problem, like it has been stated, is when the mushrooms are grown on top of each other. Heck, I wouldn't mind terribly if there were a bunch of mushrooms on the same level connected to each other...but on top of each other? No.

    Then again, still waiting Pythros' decision.
  8. No mushroom towers.

    We'll enforce this into the rules when we move. And don't ask when that is :p