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My texture packs

Discussion in 'Mods, Texture Packs, and Maps (Challenges)' started by supercrushed, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. So I have been working on texture packs for a while, and I'll admit, to myself SuperCraft was a disappointment, in the beginning. I worked on it for a while and made it alot better but I have not uploaded the new version yet. Anyways I began to think about making a 64x64 texture pack. Right now I am making it and I have to say so far it is turning out pretty nicely. I only have the natural elements done so far. Stone, ores, grass, snow, etc....
    Hopefully sometime soon I will upload a test version of it.
  2. I know I shouldn't do this, but this is what I have so far...
    *ALL of this is my work, except for iron ores, I had some trouble with those.

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  3. I love the torches. Very nice.

    The diamonds, however....perhaps a bit differently. It looks to me like you are trying to get something with a single diamond in it; I would suggest making it a little less obvious; perhaps having it larger, yet parts of it covered in rock...

    Just a suggestion. Anyways, cool stuff!
  4. Ok thanks Mcon, I will take that into consideration.
  5. Yeah it looks like it's turning out very nicely, i would change the redstone and diamond though..
  6. I didn't like the redstone that much too. I have changed it and I have changed the diamond.
  7. Post a new photo :) And do tell when it's done, i wanna try it out.
  8. Ok I will post a new photo when I get back because I have to go now, and as soon as this is done. or at least the beta is done I will post a link to a download for it.
  9. Sorry Gili, I've decided that when I release the beta you will be able to see the new textures. The beta will be released when I get stone bricks, cobblestone, sandstone, and wood planks. That way the most common building materials will be ready.
  10. name it crossedcraft^^
  11. Name it, "ChiRhocraft"
  12. what would that look like?
  13. The only problem is I do not have a good program to use to make this texture pack. Right now all I have is paint.net. :geek:
  14. After getting Skyrim I decided to transform this into a Skyrim style texture pack. It's a little weird making the texture pack. The reason why is that I want the pack to be perfect, so I sit in front of the TV (I have it for PS3) when I'm looking at the texture I want to make and then make it. It's probably going to be a while before this comes out.