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Nat Being Nat

Discussion in 'General' started by J_Man172, May 8, 2012.

  1. So I was on digging the basement for my town jail when mrcrazydude tells me hes stuck in the bell that's on the top of town hall... Here's the full conversation.... (mrcrazy I wouldn't actually report u lol...)

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  2. I CopyRight this Under section Crazy963. Anyone who uses this without my permission must give me 1 diamond for every time they used it
  3. erm have fun paying the copy right fee
  4. Theres no copyright fee. You might be thinking of patenting something, but a copy right is very simple and free
  5. Any work created that is copyrightable is automatically copyrighted upon creation. Trademarks and patents are the intellectual property rights that require registration.