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NC violations.

Discussion in 'General' started by darkdemon987, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. i dont think its right to sit there and call people who get NC's hackers and such, i get them from lagg, im sure others do too, i would very much appreciate it if people could refrain from saying anything that may give someone else a bad name, as the new players on the server that dont understand the NC violations and such may see it then see someone go HACKA!! and assume it means it signals someone hacking, therefore the new players o it as well, i think it is bad public display and would be better not done, you know what they say. monkey see monkey do.

  2. Staff should be the only ones that see these for a few weeks now. Is this not the case?
  3. I'm fairly sure we are the only ones as when this was happening no non staff said anything.
  4. no, all players can see the NC violations, i checked.
  5. I was watching the console, and apparently someone saw the NoCheat message.
  6. Thing I hate the most is when permission nodes change. All groups have been updated.
  7. Ever since i joined the server ive been able to see nc so i dont think the permissions changednu probs just didnt know.about it.