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Nether portals

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by meeple873, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. Due to the abundance of portals and the enevidible overlapping. Could we create a rule that prohibits people from blocking the portals, so we can get out of the nether without doing a /home?

    Probably more work than it is worth, but the portals are getting crazy already.
  2. I for one don't think that this is a problem due to players having the /home command i can however see the issues that could arise if people weren't allowed to block there portals because you could potentially have unwanted guests wandering around your house both players and nether mobs
  3. Good point about the mobs. And yes I suppose having people wander through your home is annoying. I have an open home since the reason I'm on a server is to see and be seen by others, otherwise why not play single-player.
  4. I have a home that's open by invite only. I've had problems in the past with mobs getting killed and crops being trampled, so I block my portals. I don't think this should be a rule as there's both a reason to, and not to. So long as the portals aren't blocked in such a way so that you're trapped in the actual portal part and thus can't type, I don't see a problem with the way it is now.
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