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New World

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Mcon, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I would like to suggest the making of a new world which everyone would have the chance to live in. The idea was gathered while reading over some posts made about continents and a more realistic setting to the new map which we will be getting.

    This will benefit the community by keeping them quiet, since I have made the suggestion that they thought about in the correct forum.
    But seriously, it would give them an area where they could have a small RP experience. The constructing of towns and such under the guise of 'continents' will be nice. A government could be set up on each, and so on, and it would be up to them to enforce their rules there. Perhaps allow TnT, but not greifing. And, my personal take is, I would like to see PvP on here, but that is optional.

    Anyways, just a few suggestions put together. Please don't hesitate to ask questions, so that I can think of random answers.
  2. Everdras Bit Shifter

    This is supposed to be what the entire server experience is like.

    Also, I could probably extend MCTowns to suit exactly our needs with whatever you guys wanted this "Government/Continent/Town/etc" thing to accomplish.

    Explain further how you want this to work, and what you'd want from a plugin built to assist in that design.
  3. Right then. I will attempt to compile a complete list of ideas about this here.

    Continents: Continents can contain however many cities people can fit on it. Perhaps, you would have to have two towns of sufficient size, say ten or twelve people, to create a government. The government would be in charge of regulating the continent. They would set up regulations (you can only cut down trees if you replant them, or you must have a farm to help support the people, or whatever), a building code, something like that. The government will earn a certain amount of money based on the number of people living on the continent (possibly a protection, to make things easier. For instance, the members of the protection would be the residents, the owners the governor/mayor/president/whatever, something like that, I don't know. I'm just spit-balling here, really). They can use this to make roads, railroads, something. Public improvements.

    We would need a continent or two set aside for free use, without any towns or government, so that new players, and the social outcasts would have somewhere to stay. Perhaps, every citizen on a continent need pay a tax, like a certain percentage of the money they make. If the current going rate is around 5 tallents per 10 minutes, make one of those tallents go a continent account. Only the governor/king/regent/monarch/dictator/president/mayor could access the account.

    There should be other continents, set aside purely for mining, perhaps. You won't be allowed to build on them, maybe, but you can mine, or something like that. The government leaders of different continents would be able to meet up with each other to discuss mining rights. I don't know, really. I'm just trying to get all these ideas put up here for the others.

    Hey, you others. Yeah, you who had this idea in the first place. Feel free to chime in. I have to go to a meeting now, but I'll try to write more on this later.
  4. You've spelled it out perfectly Mcon!

    Just a few adjustments:

    City: these are just bigger towns but you must have two to set up a country. The owner can charge taxes.

    Country: Rules over both (at least) two cities and barren land. Needs a government and an individual building for it.

    Continent: Can be uninhabited but if to be industrialised then it must be made up of two countries and covers a physical bondry (oceans, rivers and mountains diving them up). Now no longer needs a government if the residents say so and the alleged dictator wants to rule on his/her own. Must be at least 2 unowned on the map (for space reasons)

    Empire: Made up of two continents which are industrialized and must be owned by either a government or an Emperor. This is the ultimate goal of playing on the server.

    Like the idea?

    I also like Mcon's idea of a government being able to twist some server rules for their own territory.
  5. Just to clarify, I don't mean to have them twist, but rather adjust some to a greater extent, or make some small, harmless rules of their own. Under no circumstances am I advocating an area where regular server rules don't apply. After all, floating trees are a rather rare occurrence IRL.
  6. I did mean that. I was just referencing to TNT rules, pvp rules and griefing stuff... no clue why you would want to enable griefing but yea...
  7. Everdras Bit Shifter

    Continents would probably not have any sort of plugin representation, those could just be chalked up to emergent gameplay.

    I can add Governments in somewhat easily. What'll probably happen will be:

    "Town" will be a generic name. As a town gains people, it'll proceed from something like "Village" to "Hamlet" to "City" to "Metropolis" and so on.

    "Government" will be a generic name. You'll move from being something like a "City-State" to "Principality" to "Empire".

    For both of these, there can be various other "stages" and their names don't need to be the ones I gave above. Those are just examples.

    All of the restrictions of what can be done on continents can be effected with WorldGuard regions. The "mining only" thing may be a bit difficult to figure out though, because while you could probably make "destroying-only" work, it'd be inconvenient (imagine mining without being able to make little temporary bridges, or put down torches, etc).

    Pythros showed me this new economy-bridge plugin that I could use to make MCTowns interface with any economy plugin, so I could use that to give Governments a bank account. I think Towns will stick to a blocks-only banking system.

    I'd have to think more on how taxes are collected. Normally, taxes are paid to Governments because the government provides some sort of services to the taxpayers. Right now, all a Government is doing is serving as an organizational group. I'd need to come up with some things that a Government could provide to a Town that would justify asking the town to pay the Government taxes.

    In essence, I need to make Governments appealing for a Town to want to join. Because, as-is, a town on its own would have no reason to join any Government if taxes are required.

    I guess I could limit the number of people that can be in an independent town, but that seems like a bit of a cheap solution.

    So, I guess what I have to ask you guys to think about now, is:

    What are some things that Governments could provide to a Town that would make an independent Town (i.e.a town that doesn't belong to any government) want to join, even though they'd have to pay taxes?
  8. I would say, the government would need to provide a transportation system in between towns, such as a lighted highway, and also a rail system. Other things could be community buildings, such as attractions. I'm thinking like epic spleef arenas, obstacle courses, mazes, whatever. To provide things like that for the towns.

    Also, I would like to note, when I was talking about the mining only islands/continents, I didn't really expect it would be able to be truely enforced with some kind of plugin. I was just kind of thinking a 'no making your home here' general rule. I might not have come across that way, but that's what I really meant.

    Um, Auhjos, when did I say to allow griefing? The only thing I could think of would be allowing fire spread, so that you could torch towns. That, and TnT. But, that would be for a PvP environment, which is something I would ultimately want to work towards. Which is one reason I initially thought of this as a new world kind of thing, instead of the regular map being like this. That, and the comment that was made about being able to have continent wars. But, I digress...(I love saying that!)
  9. Protection from other towns, raiders, etc. could be a reason for a town to join a government. Town members offered pay for joining the governments army. Bigger plots, sections of land given to the town in the governments official property. These are just some possible solutions
  10. Everdras Bit Shifter

    Hm, that could be good...

    We could make it a top-level fee, where only towns in governments can have mobs/pvp turned off, but the govt gets charged a fee on some regular basis in order to get these rewards for their towns.
  11. I think pvp would be a much needed addition to this "New World". So maybe just mobs turned off. Because really, who would kill a fellow town member? :)
  12. Um....is that a trick question?

    Pythros has already stated, multiple times, that PvP is not something this community is ready for. I still hold on to the hope that perhaps, sometime later on, it will be, but for now, PvP is supposed to stay off, unless you are in the wastelands, which will have PvP eventually, but not right away. I think.
  13. haha no Mcon it was rhetorical. ;)
  14. Wait Mcon, is this "New World" a completely different world than the main one that we will be switching to?
  15. Maybe we could find/make a war plugin! When one countries government/dictator declares war on another (/declarewar <country name>?). Then half the population (of the aggressor nation and the attacked) selected at random gets this message:
    'You have been selected to fight!'
    They then have one minute to stop what their doing and get armour, weapons ect...
    The country who wipes out the other countries army wins all their land, money and people.
    [Broadcast]Country X has conquered Country Y!

    This could work between continents and Empires!
  16. Except when there is one member of country x and twenty of country y. Then who would be the winner?

    Erai, my original idea was to do so, but I think (from what I have read) that Everdras would like to put this in for the new map, when we get it.
  17. Then country(s) Y would win!
    It means that the more land/people you own, the better your war is. Also remember, your going to want to supply your troops with armour, potions and weapons with enchantments to be good at war. Therefore, country(s) Y may have 50 troops, but all of country X's men have the best armour, weapons, potions ect...
    Therefore constant war is both risky and costly. Just like real life!
  18. Hmm, that's a good point. I kind of like that, as it brings about the part where, if you try to conquer too quickly, the last person on your list might just go to war with you, and they have been saving their stuff up. They would have enchanted armor and swords, and some more diamonds or whatever left, and lo and behold, all of country x's men have spent their levels on enchantments on stuff that has been destroyed by now. So, if you overextend yourself, you will find your lands lost, and your people will be annexed into a new country.

    Plus, you could have a peasant uprising. See who is loyal to the town, and who is loyal to the government.

    However, because of the PvP thing discussed, I'm wondering if each government could be in charge of constructing arenas, where combat will take place. PvP would only be enabled in those areas, and such. Means that the members of the town could train, and that would be neat. Everyone has a home field, which means they know the terrain the best. When wars are started, the defending team gets to play on their field, so that they have home field advantage. Then, the two teams go at it.

    Still thinking some things about continents and such. I WILL get more out on the subject, I'm sure. But for now, this is nicely building up the idea.

    Also, I would say that the winner would get to rule the lands, meaning they collect the rent or whatever from the towns. The towns keep their own bocks (their way of banking, as I understand it), but the country's bank accounts would be merged into the winner's. Well, actually, I would restate that. You can only win in someone else's home field. If you win in your own, you have successfully defeated the enemy, and all goes about as normal. You don't get their lands, as you only defended an invading army. However, you would be able to collect whatever armor/weapons they drop when they die, and would then be able to go and attack them afterward.

    If a country is won from another, those who were living under the rule of the defeated country would need to abide by the rules of the winner. If they don't want to, this is where the peasant uprisings come in. They would have to rise up, and could take their own town back. Their town would become neutral, not ruled by any government, and would function more like a normal town like what we have now. If someone wanted to incorporate them into a government, they could be asked, or conquered.

    I would also advocate a slightly larger time than one minute from the declaration of war to the actual battle. Perhaps five minutes, so that you call rally the troops and make your way to the town/government armory. Whatever.
  19. I really like that idea!

    Maybe when a government is ruling two or more countries and one country is conquered, only that land is lost and not the hole empire. Maybe the leader(s) could be locking in the city jail until let out by the new leader(s) or a moderator who deems the idea of holding someone hostage for 9999999 years stupid...

    For citizens (who were not killed) the only adjustments they would have to make is adjusting to new rules, leaders and building code (if the victor has a different building code).

    Perhaps new name tags for leaders:

    Village: Guide
    Town: Mayor
    City: Governor
    Country: Dictator/President (depending on how the previous governor wants his country to run)
    Continent: Supreme Ruler
    Empire: Emperor
  20. Now, see, you've piqued my interest. I want to be the first server "Emperor"!

    (Although, that might complicate things with Poet. Perhaps we will need to think of a different title for the empire's head. Perhaps, Lord.)