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New World

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Mcon, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. you missed me out!

  2. I've been reading this.

    Anything posted in this thread is a suggestion and only becomes official when I quote and stamp what I like when I want to. :ugeek:

    Anything official related to towns and their progress is found in the Town Central thread.
  3. Thanks Pythros!
    Just a quick question, do you like the ideas we've developed so far?
  4. you need like a proper stamp pythros, at the end of every approved idea, try this, I made it JUST for you ^_^

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  5. Nice!

    Pythros, do you approve?
  6. ill make a disaproved one also
  7. Cool! Will it be the same just red!

    Oh wait...
  8. It might be hard to divide a land up into states, it makes things too divided. Maby you could have like 3 main people as head of a land. They would be able to like send votes out to people that live there. You know
  9. If the land is all 'divided up' then it allows nations to arise and all that, it's a bit harder when everything is all randomly placed around and such.

    Creating a pre defined world will allow for empires, proper mines, proper colonization and a friction between people. Just like the real world.

    Eg. When nation A has its mines run dry and no more diamonds can be found, they either begin importing them or invade a new land for fresh soil - whether its owned by nation B or not.
  10. I just hope it doesn't get too carried away.
    I don't want any vassal or protectorate nations soon....
  11. Well don't worry uku,we will be fine in our castle.
  12. I think It would actually be cool to start a private army, so my land and palaces that I will build will always be under my control.
  13. Now, THAT is what we need an NPC mod for...

    Of course, we must all remember that widescale PvP is not to be released on the server, at least, not initially, and possibly not at all.
  14. Yeah I understand, but even without PvP a Mayor/President/Sultan etc... can't come up to me ( when I have a pretty good size army ) and say that my land is their's. And what was I talking about, I do own an army, The Golden Knights. O the good old temp. map days.
  15. If one country wants land off another, either war or money will be exchanged to ensure who gets what. This way it's all fair. If a much larger empire asks land you may want to give it to them to remain at peace.
  16. But if I have my own private army I will keep all my land and I will fight for it. I'm not talking about being a country with an army, I'm talking about being a private army. Like an army made up of mercenary's. Any country that wants extra help in a war or whatever could hire us.
  17. So, an army-for-hire, eh? That would be nice, if there were PvP. Which there isn't.
  18. Perhaps PvP would be disabled everywhere accept the designated battlefields which your only allowed to enter during a war. I know CraftBucket can do this as no one can get into avp's house
  19. Aha...

    This can be solved. I will be making(or someone will be, hopefully) a series of arenas with differing terrain, differing things, and all that. I was planning on having an urban section anyways; why can't we just have the fights in there?

    Just find the battlefield that suits your needs, and voila!
  20. so will it then be illeagal to have dictatorships? ^_^

    and can we host reliious views of the nation? i.e a state church?

    and can people rise up against dictators and have anarchists?

    not that I'd recomend any of these...