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New World

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Mcon, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Even though i go for mostly to absolute pvp, i agree with the thought of designated battlefields.
  2. Thank you.
  3. Too complicated, and it would require a client mod to go with it. I would advise against it.

    Just stick with the plain Vanilla stuff, and plugins.
  4. I agree with different battlefields, maybe outside the reachable map/different map each with a different terrain. 09jnew, how would a dictatorship be illegal?
  5. Pythros believed that my arena megacomplex would have a place in the Game world, I believe it was.
  6. Perhaps. But I doubt the game world will be lacking space. What's the video about?
  7. I was making a joke about the 'whole new world' thing so the video is 'A whole new world' from Aladdin.
  8. or like 500 endercannons lined up on the beach?
  9. lol

    So, what have we decided we would like?
    Wars are fought in arenas.

    Please, someone recap a good organization of city/country/whatever.

    Then, we will see if we can organize this thing into a good suggestion, and post a bottom line.
  10. Now would the arenas be like circus maximus or pokemon arena?
  11. Think Pokemon, but on a better scale. Large space filled with various things, all set in different themes. I plan on having a desert arena, a marsh arena, a forested arena, an urban arena, and so on....
  12. I think that is a cool idea, if I can help at all with making it please let me know.
  13. Listed in order of smallest in power to largest in power.

    Place of Residence: One person with or without friends just living in one area. Ruler: None
    Village: 3-7 residence. Can build a one cell jail. Ruler: Guide
    Town: 7-15 residence. Can build city walls, shops, farm and town center/hall. Star gates now available. Ruler: Mayer
    City: 15-25 residence. Can build hotels, sewers, city center (for future rule) and multiple of all the above. Ruler: Governor
    Country: Two or more cities under one ruler. Rules the barren land in between as well. One city is elected as the capital. Population can vote for leader (Once every two weeks or so). Ruler: President
    Continent: Two or more countries that control a natural boarder defined region (rivers, mountains ect.) Ruler: <Insert Cleaver but Sensible Title Here>
    Empire: Two-Three continents. Ultimate goal of this server. Ruler: Sultan
  14. Okay, that's great. With that, wars:

    Towns and below can only go to war if attacked.
    Cities and above must give control of a portion of their treasury to the conquering establishment. You can only go to war with someone of equal or lower status.
    Wars will be fought in pre-defined arenas, likely on the Game World. There must be at least 3 members from each establishment present to fight a battle. The war is won when one team manages to win at least 5 battles, at which point, the losing team is integrated/looted into the system.
    Those living in Cities and higher will be required to pay taxes, whether it is of blocks or tallents. These things will be added to the city's improvement account, which is used to build public works, like parks, spleef arenas, fighting arenas, highways connected to the main highways, a subway system, a public farm, a tree farm, an armory, a museum, a food shop, a library, a courthouse, a jail, an arena for the olympics (idea is forthcoming), and various other things.
    Possibility of armies for hire, which means an establishment of proper size can pay people to help fight for them.

    I can't really think of anything else right now. I'll likely have more.

    So, what are we looking for in a plugin:
    Something that will deduct taxes from a player either in small amounts daily, or else in a slightly larger amount weekly, or a really large amount monthly. I'd lean towards weekly. The possibility of adding in PvP arenas to train the army. A way to conduct wars between each set of establishments.

    Anything I'm forgetting? Will this do as a nice summary, Everdras, Pythros?
  15. Armies for hire, that's me. On the temp. map I had 13 loyal soldiers. I'm planning to have another army so if anybody wanted to hire me how much should they pay?
  16. Town (or lower): Must give into the invaders but towns may negotiate a deal with aggressors.
    Cities: May negotiate and defend them selves against invaders but may not attack others.
    Country (or higher): Attacking, defending and negotiating allowed.

    War will be declared by one country (or higher) against either a city, an entire country, continent or empire. This allows crossed boarders. Eg. Country A has a city but was taken over by Country B during an invasion. If one country declares war, a third of its online population has one minute to gather resources, weapons and anything else of use. Then all of the attacking countries men get sent into the battle field. Men of the defending country have one minute thirty seconds to prepare but are at thirty seconds loss of position. The defender also gets half of its online population. The war will last until either nation's army is wiped out.When this happens, (agressor wins) the disputed area falls to the agressor. (Defender wins) The disputed area remains unchanged.
    As a side point, me and 09jnewington are planning an 'inter city' rail where goods are transported via overground rails. This would lead to it being easier to transport huge amounts of goods but at the same time, risky (bandits and such) so as countries would fence of the rails to the outside world. Just like real life! This could also have certain countries rig the rails to capture all resources on the rail. This could lead to short term wealth but a long war on the horizon.

    I just re-typed all information from this forum into here so there can be no confusion. Yay!
  17. What about it?