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New World

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Mcon, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Ahem, my question^. Also the train robberies, could someone hire private armies to rob trains too?
  2. Yes supercrossed, yes they could...
    Having a private army is a good idea but will probably have no staff level backing or security so you may use at your own risk!
    100 posts here... wow... I just had to make it 101 didn't I...
  3. But, I will have one staff. He is one of my generals along with me and bronze. And I just had to make it 102 :p
  4. If country/city/etc. was captured or occupied, what would the benefit be? To exile the ruler? To control all their land(actually that sounds delicious)? Or any other reason.
  5. Based on what I have concluded from the previous posts they would:
    Gain the other countries land
    Would be able to tax the residents of the conquered country

    Idk about exiling the ruler though.
  6. I would say, demoting the ruler or something. The previous ruler is now a lowly citizen, subject to the laws and ordinances of the establishment. But that's my opinion. However, exiling him from that town could have it's merits. It means leaders won't be so eager to attack other countries, if they have the chance to be exiled from their lands. And it also means that the leader could join another establishment, and convince them to attack the previous one, in an attempt to win back his title. Just an idea.
  7. Well i think it's still unfair for a guy who's spent so much on his town(10,000 talents!) to be suddenly kicked out. Maybe just land.
  8. Well, like I said, it was a suggestion. I'm fine with just losing the land.
  9. According to previous posts, the victor has three options:

    1. Force the ruler out of his previously owned land. He may empty chests and demolish houses if he wishes.
    2. Keep the ruler in the city prison as a 'we win' gesture. This might be a bit to far but sounds fun!
    3. Lower him to citizen status and let him live once again across the population. Maybe, if the invaders are nice, they won't tax him to make their new life a little more durable.
  10. I just saw Pyth's post and he still hasn't approved any of this. But I like a lot of the ideas here.
  11. That's why we have this big summary of what we have so far. Waiting for Pyth or Everdras to read it, and give approval/disapproval.

    Please, unless anyone else has anything to add, don't go about posting more stuff. We want to try to keep this on topic, and hopefully uncluttered, so that it is easy for the higher-ups to read what we are suggesting.

  12. Did anyone like 09jnewington and my idea of inter city rails? No one has commented on it yet...
    (111 posts!!!)