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No Endermen griefing.

Discussion in 'General' started by Shnaffle, Apr 30, 2012.


Do you think that we should have endermen griefing?

Poll closed May 15, 2012.
No certainly not, they're a pain! 6 vote(s) 75.0%
Yes please! I want my house looking like cheese! 2 vote(s) 25.0%
I don't really care. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Do you think that we should have endermen griefing?
    I'm fairly sure we didnt actually have them griefing before the temp maps and its a REAL PAIN.
    It's not that bad in single player as they only grief when your online, thus the same with creepers and if they blow up its your fault. But on this server creepers dont blow up for the simple reason they can go off in your house when your offline and, well you come back on and you're living in a crater.
    This is a real pain for me and this is whats led me to this. As the multiple islands I build on are manmade it means theyre hollow. So when I log back in Im living on a giant slab of swiss cheese. Im sure not everyone has this problem but its meaning that making things like bedding plants are being ripped up by the stupid griefers.

    Basically, can we please ban these griefers? Theyre getting past protections. (Must be some sort of mega hack...)

    Any feedback would be nice and support :p
  2. You get ice cream for how funny that was XD
    But I think we should keep our Endies the way they are. Just fill in your island :p
  3. Nononono, you're missing the point. Well unless you are actually an Enderman o_O
    I'm sort of going at the fact theyre limiting the use of certain blocks (for example using grass blocks or FLOWERS in pointless as they keep stealing them -.-) and its happening at a ridiculous rate. I logged out of my mansion to eat some ice cream. Provided by you. And BOWM 4 holes in my house in the floor that uses clay blocks and 3 flowers fromy my pretty little flower pots have gone. This is because the chunk was loaded so the Endy had play time :( If this was SP then Id still have a floor. If they were a human controlled griefer youd ban them. SO why not if its a computer controlled one.

    - Shnaffle.
  4. Mwahahaha! Fools! I'm with the endermen >:) I only gave you ice cream so we could steal your plants pots. Nothing can stop us now MWAHAHAHHAHAA!

    You just got trolled.
  5. I believe a lot of people just got trolled.
  6. Endermen can only move:

    Grass Block
    Brown Mushroom
    Red Mushroom

    So what cheese is being moved?
  7. -rimshot-
  8. Edam, swiss and cheddar mainly. Jk. The main problem is them stealing my flowers ( and everyone elses) as its meaning making pretty little gardens its pointless, and the hollow island. Maybe if it was just all protected regions are protected from Endermen griefing? As I like to use natural blocks theyre messing me house over at an annoyingly high rate.
  9. Just been on the server and ALL the redstone I have is messed up because of the griefers :/ Please can people that read this support the cause?
  10. Endermen don't grief redstone.... did they move your dirt?
  11. mhm. :/ they stole it :'( You know next theyre going to steal me D:
  12. I highly doubt an endermen would have the audacity to steal a head mod lol.