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Old: Official XPE Town Hall Thread

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Everdras, Jul 10, 2014.

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  1. Everdras Bit Shifter

    Hello everyone.

    I think it is high time that we consider our situation frankly, and decide where to go from here.

    Right now, the current status of the server is poor, and there is little point in denying it. There is frequently no-one online, and when people do log in, they don't play for very long. This makes it very hard to retain new players (nothing looks worse than logging in for the first time and the server is empty) as well as making the game boring for anyone with the fortitude to play un-modded, vanilla Minecraft alone.

    However, all is not lost. Despite the fact that we are doing practically no intentional advertising, we still get a steady trickle of new players. This is very good, and means that the server still has the potential to be saved.

    To save it, though, we clearly need to do *something*. Initially, I had (naively, it seems) hoped that simply (finally) getting us updated to 1.7 would breathe life into the server- with a clean start, players once more had something to do. And for a time, it did work.

    I think an important factor to any server's success is that the people most responsible for it also play it. Owners, admin, moderators, and other staff. It provides a solid playerbase for the server to grow on. It helps ensure that even if it comes to the worst, a new player logging in still sees at least a few people playing.

    I must admit that I have failed in at least this regard. There are now so many alternatives to plain vanilla minecraft (Tekkit, hexxit, etc) that I can't bring myself to play vanilla any longer, at least not for extended periods of time. This is the primary reason I don't actively play, and I want to hear you discuss the issues you currently find with the server- I'd like to hear why you don't play anymore, either.

    All this being said, I see a few paths forwards. We could stay on the current map, and stay on vanilla minecraft, and try to ramp up advertising to draw in new players. We could shut down the vanilla server for good, and make the official XPE Minecraft server a Tekkit server (this is what I think might be the best choice). We could even build our own modpack with either the technic launcher or ATLauncher. Or we could do something else- if you have any ideas, please say them here.

    Let's discuss both what we *can* do to revitalize the server, and what we *want* to do to revitalize the server. You've heard my views- Now I want to hear yours.
  2. I don't know how I feel about tekkit. I tried playing it once and my mind kinda exploded with how much stuff there was. Jet packs, oil, so many metals. It's a lot to get used to. I enjoy the more simple and familiar vanilla version of the game. We could make a tekkit server, I'm fine with that, but not if it means getting rid of our current vanilla one.

    I think the server has gotten boring. There really isn't that much to do. We used to have Xylochos and that creative world, and even plans for a mini game world and maybe a PvP world. But they kinda seemed to have vanished in the Bermuda triangle, along with ocelots and wolves. Maybe we can bring these ideas back. Having the chance to take part in designing games for others to play or having interesting worlds and dungeons to explore could give players more reason to play. If we can get more people on, things may improve on their own, as players begin to build towns and businesses. We just need to make sure there is active mods and a working mod request, currency, and store plugins to allow for towns and business.

    Finally, there's 1.8 in the making. It's going to add a lot of new features. We need to plan something out before it's released, or else the whole 1.7 disaster may happen again. Not that it would impact a server that no one comes on to anymore, but still, it does make it hard to grow if our server is stuck in older versions of minecraft.
  3. I like vanilla though. I like it when things are kept simple. Not any of that alchemy mumbo jumbo. I for one think that the thing that is keeping people from coming on is that people aren't coming on. Whenever I play, people will come and go, but usually people only stay when something interesting is going on. The problem with the server is that we don't really do anything. People are doing individual things yes, but there is no real community. To me, what makes a server great isn't the cool mods, instead it's the people. The friends I make keep me playing on the server. No matter how many gadgets and sparkles you add to a server, it's nothing without some good friendly players.

    But lately all I have seen on the server is maybe a few people come on and no actual dialog or unifying aspect. People inspire others to do things. The reason our server thrived before was the things that brought us together: large building projects, tournaments, towns, an economy, and even on the temp map with the faction server. In fact, there were sometimes more people on the temp map than I have ever seen on the server. I even joined the server when we had the temp map.

    I think the real problem is that people started to leave when they heard about the new map. New stuff, new economy, new buildings, etc. And because of that, after months of waiting, the people that had waited for the new map had left too because they got bored of less and less people coming on. And the new map only had like a maximum of 10 players at one time. If we could get enough people to play at one time, it could spark something, but we need something to unify us as friends. We need something that could get people on, so they can see how fun it is to be a part of our community.

    ChiRho has a community that only ChiRho can have. I believe that, regardless of the fancy ads and flashy items, people won't continue to play if their friends and other people they know aren't playing as well. Most of the time I go on the server just to talk to players or to build something with Embernight. A server is all about the community and without vital things like an economy, towns, events, and even all the worlds we had that connected us all and made us want to see each other again, we have nothing. We need something that will connect us as one community, one server, and one body of players.

    If adding fancy things can get other people on, so be it. But give players options. You shouldn't have to be forced to play Tekkit to hang out with friends, nor should you be forced to play vanilla. I think adding to the server is great, but don't take things down that the rest of the community enjoys. After all, we are a community and if we forget about what some of the players want, we are only hurting ourselves. We obviously can't please everyone, but don't just get rid of other players' hard work.

    Personally, I love vanilla. It's simple and easy. When you add the other things to it, I get confused. But if you want a Tekkit map go for it. Just remember, Embernight, shnaffle, and I all poured several months of our lives to build not only spawn, but many other things on the vanilla map. Don't make our hard work just go to waste. The old map was supposed to be put on the forums for download. That never happened. And now if the new map is destroyed, how can I be assured that my hard work, time, and life hasn't gone to waste? If you can keep the vanilla map and add more maps and new worlds, I think the server would be more interesting for everyone.

    P.S. I have waited for this moment for awhile, if you can't tell... :p
  4. Everdras Bit Shifter

    I'm compressing the Era world map right now, to put it up for download.
    Everdras, Jul 10, 2014
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  5. I have to say the only reason I'm not playing all the time is because my computer is starting to slow down a lot, but I am getting a new internet service provider so that may help. Also I think we should keep vanilla survival, because its what makes this server unique from all the other servers that are just PVP and mini games now a days.
  6. Everdras Bit Shifter

  7. Everdras Bit Shifter

    We could run a tekkit and vanilla server side-by-side, and I could throw together a plugin to link the chat between the servers.

    The tekkit server will probably need to be whitelisted anyway, since there doesn't seem to be any sane way to totally [or even mostly] prevent griefing in tekkit.

    So, we could make it mandatory that you play on the vanilla server for X days/weeks before you're allowed on the Tekkit server.
  8. I was just exploring the forum and old threads and I found this:

    And have seen that this server has had this problem since the 1.3 update... people leaving because of boredom and lack of other players. It seems that every time this happens, people will suggest/say things that we will add and then we barely act on most of those ideas. If we are going to revive the server we better just do it and not loligag expecting things to get better soon.
  9. I personally, am fairly impartial to Vanilla/Add ons. I, like Piscies and Embernight play on the server for the people and connections i make with fellow ChiRho members. That, ironically is also why i became inactive. Ever since the announcement of the New World and the Wipe of the old one, people gradually started to fall off the wagon, so to speak. This decreased the entertainment factor of the server, in my opinion. However, i don't regret the new world. It needed to happen regardless of the consequences.

    What i think ChiRho needs is a massive effort to get the quote "originals" back. If there is some way to contact our old friends and get them back, we solve probably one of the biggest problems. I, with the degeneration of appeal on Exiled Gaming, left that parasitic environment relatively quickly after Pythros and a few others split off. So, with the amount of time i've spent a part of this community, you could say that i've made a few friendships along the way.

    If we could get PEOPLE to play, to be interested, and to be most of all - dedicated, we fix our problem. I really don't care what add ons we have to appeal to a broader audience. It's the people that keep me engaged, and the people that make the game what it is. What's so great about minecraft is that you can collaborate and work with your peers to make massive projects, fight to the death, or just casually explore.

    Despite this, i think that add ons are a good idea. They add variety and excitement to the server. So, if you're done building for awhile you can go kill some people in good ol' fashioned PVP. OR, you can go explore a dungeon or something. I think, since most of the super popular servers have PVP as a major part of their appeal, that we need to focus on a PVP environment in some capacity. Whether that's worldwide (excluding towns) or just on a separate factions world.

    The fact is. WE (keyword) need to bump heads and figure something out. WE can get this server back to it's Hay day and bring in lots of publicity. All WE have to do is WORK! Now, there are countless add ons that we could discuss and i won't get in to that just now, but WE can do this.
    Eraisuithon134, Jul 11, 2014
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  10. So things I think that need to get done:
    -Mod requests
    -Mod commands
    -"Give me back my creative world RIGHT NOW! I needs it. :(" ~Embernight
    -Dogs and "Give me back my kitty NOW!" ~Embernight
    -Other broken Plugins
    -Fun community events
    -Other Worlds
    -Meow. Lots of Meow
  11. I'll Add:
    -Contacting Current and Old ChiRho Staff
    -Setting up a Date for launch of the improved ChiRho (I feel that it is important to set a goal so that we know how proactive we need to be in getting these things done.)
    -We need to vote on what plugins to add/remove/improve as well as
    -What worlds to add/remove/improve so that we can
    -Find what is compatible with the server specs and the timetable that we set
  12. I don't really think we need to set a date considering this all depends on how long it takes Everdras to get things done.
  13. This is all on Everdras' shoulders? I thought it was a community effort. Yes, there are things only he can do, but we should help with what we can.
  14. Well all the important stuff like plugins, new worlds, adding animals, and basically fixing the server in general. That's all up to Everdras.
  15. Very true. There's nothing wrong with setting a desirable time to try and finish all of this stuff. Regardless of our own input. But correct, Everdras is in charge of a lot of it
  16. Everytime this server sets a time table for something we usually fail.
  17. So this would be a good time to break that cycle correct? There is a first time for everything. Be optimistic, or this will just be a dreadful recovery
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  18. Optimistic? You obviously have never had to build a whole entire spawn for the server. These things take time.
  19. but we dont have to build another spawn... right? Right?!?
    and i like how the forum is slowly becoming more of a chat room. And how we are starting to digress from the topic...
    Embernight, Jul 14, 2014
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