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Old: Official XPE Town Hall Thread

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Everdras, Jul 10, 2014.

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  1. What ember said. Too much ranting. And no, we don't have to build another spawn
  2. If only the chat icon actually worked... *cough*
  3. Well town hall meetings are usually full of useless ranting and nothing getting done. That's just how governments work.
  4. Very true.. How unfortunate, maybe that's why there are so many problems with America.
  5. Nah there are a lot of other reasons for our problems.
  6. Just take a look at congress. Too many filibusters and not enough production
  7. Ok let's not get into politics. That could get really ugly really fast.
  8. Diddo. I get enough of that every day. Ugly indeed
  9. So, going back to the original discussion… you know, where we talk about ideas for the future of the server and such…?

    I have looked over our past/current plugins to get an idea of what we are currently missing and what we could add back to the server: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccckey=0AgcrmM7Nkz5RdGJ5eDB0TGtjV2ZYeS1FTzRmeHFzQ1E#gid=5
    I don’t know if there is a new spreadsheet for plugins on the server currently, but this link here is clearly outdated, as many of these plugins are currently inactive. I’ll talk to piscies about some of the plugins, and then we’ll talk to Everdras on what we think we should keep/add.

    I went back to the architect forums to refresh myself on Pythros’ plans for Chirho. I think our new plan should more or less be the old plan. So here it is, from what I could get from the forums, on what the plan may look like.

    Phase 1: Apoikia/Genesis (Survival/ Spawn & Hub Worlds)
    First off, we need to fix these current worlds. We need to create the warps on the airships. I believe the one at Genesis’ spawn for new players connects to the Hub Island in genesis, and one of the ships on the Hub Island would connect to all the other worlds. Next is the economy. We have shopkeepers (villagers) and chests in the spawn town of Apoikia. We just need the plugins to start up the economy and shops. Finally, we need to make sure all moderator related plugins and commands are working so that we can. With these two worlds up and running the way it was originally envisioned, I think we could start to keep up a regular flow of players.

    Phase ?: Tekkit
    Not really sure if/when we should focus on a Tekkit branch for Chirho, but probably after we fix up the main server. I originally thought that this would be a cool place to expand to, but after reading through older forums, I think that it could have the same problem that most PvP ideas have: dividing the community. So, I’m kinda unsure about Tekkit.

    Phase 2: Poieo (Creative World)
    This one shouldn’t (hopefully) take too long to bring back to Chirho. It was up during Era. We’ll probably have to add some kind of airship into the central area of Poieo and create warps for it.

    Phase 3: Paignia (Game World)
    I’m not really sure what this world is supposed to end up looking like… but hopefully by the time we get to this step, it will be a bit clearer. Maybe, when we have more players, we could include them in the plans for this world, such as suggestions for what games we could add to it. If we ever plan on adding PvP, it will probably be some sort of arena

    Phase 4: Adventure Maps.
    Not really sure about these ones yet either. I imagine that these could take a lot of time and work in creating, however.
  10. So focusing on the current world. We first and for most need the economy going and staff commands. Then we need to work on maybe making the server more exciting with events and other plugins. But I really think we need to remain focused on the current map and then expand. So after the economy and commands are all fixed then I think Embernight and I will organize a big event to get people excited. Kind of like a grand reopening thing. So if anyone has ideas on events/ plugins to entice people in then feel free to let us know.
  11. I second this. I think that the main way we're going to get people back on is to fix the problems and then have a big event for our "re-opening." After all, the last time I saw a considerable amount of people on the server was when we went live last time and started advertising. I think we need to do this again, but start from scratch. We need to really push the new world and make it more accessible. By this I mean that we need to make the server as easy as possible for new people to learn. One of the biggest problems/ things I remember having to explain the most to new people was how to get started, where they could build and most importantly how to get off the starting island. Whilst we can attract new members, one of the biggest problems was people not finding the secret password, getting bored and leaving for another server. Most people now are looking for a server where they can jump on, do something exciting, have a laugh etc. Whilst we offer this, we don't offer it in an easy package. You only have to look at the biggest servers out there, they all have an emphasis on mini games, or quick survival. Whilst there are many of us here that enjoy the server as it is, if we really want more people we need to do the things that Ember listed above. However it would be useless to offer this if we can't keep people around for the long haul, and to do that we need to keep them for more than a few minutes, which I would say is our current problem.
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  12. I agree with everything that has been said. It's important to have that stability first before we decided to have an event that will bring in a loyal population. That way people are intrigued and want to stay and build relationships. That's probably redundant, but i felt that i should emphasize it again. :D
  13. Sorry for the unexpected absences, but I now have a solid connection, bnd I WILL be playing for more than a few minutes :p I cant spend 23/7 online like I used to :p haha but I will be on ALOT more ^_^ so if you need me to do anything or be on at a certain time just say :p and I would have to agree in a way and disagree, I think this world is fine atm, we just need to push for advertisement for people :3 I think getting more players then with a few more we can do community events, and the like, but we would need to get the playerbase up a little more before it really would start working effectively, I think if we put the main focus on playerbase, and hopefully get some of the old plugins working for ease of access to things in the game ( ever, if you need help, im willing to learn :p), but yesss, I am back, and I will be on a lot more :3 so hopefully we can get the server average playercount up to at least double digits eventually again :D
  14. Yeah getting players is great and all, but it's hard to get players on if nothing is attracting them to play. So in order for us to actually get more players, we have to do things to attract them. Trust me, Ember and I have worked really hard asking some old player to come on and quite frankly they all say the server is boring. If you want a large "playerbase," then we need to do something to the server to make it interesting again.
  15. true, but I don't see much point in even trying community events or stuff until theres more than 1-3 average players :3 but I will say it is missing something, just not quite sure what :/
  16. I think it's some of the old plugins. We are currently working on restoring some of them, and finding any new plugins to add to the server, such as a new form of economy. I think that's what the server is really missing. I remember watching my brother play on this server a few years ago. He would come on, harvest plants, mine, then he would sell stuff at the store to increase the amount of money he had. I also remember the chat being filled with statements like "anyone looking to buy some diamonds?" Although earning money is not the sole purpose of the server, I think it was a major part of the old server that many players would log on for. And, while building up your business or trying to create a monopoly in wool, or whatever block you like selling, you get to interact with other players.
    Piscies and I are working on a "Grand Reopening" kind of event, regardless of how many players we have. But I do agree with Darkdemon. We must have a sufficient amount of players in order to hold other events.
  17. Yeah maybe other events, but I do think that one event to tell everyone "Hey we got the plugins back and we are starting anew!" would be helpful to get the old players back. A huge reopening can show players we are back in business and are serious about making this server fun for you.

  18. I agree, if we have taken the time to "fix" the server and have a big event/reopening old members/new will definitely get the right message - We're back in business.
  19. Facehoof. Ok new rule. Don't post on this thread unless you have something new to say. Repeating the same things over and over again is giving Ember and me a headache. We understand where each of you guys are coming from on your ideas. Let's use this thread to add New ideas for others to ponder instead of repeating what others have said. That way when I come and check my notifications I see something new instead of getting bored of the same old stuff. Everyone ok with that?
    piscies123, Aug 8, 2014
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  20. Im just going to go silent and not converse then. this thread was created so ever could see everyone's views. whether they are the same as yours and embers or not, if no one else is allowed to post their opinion about something already brought up then whats the point in even asking for peoples views. everyone is going to have different opinions on things, simply stating that you cant post if its already there just means people cant express their views on each subtopic.
    darkdemon987, Aug 10, 2014
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