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Old: Official XPE Town Hall Thread

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Everdras, Jul 10, 2014.

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  1. Also, one thing I think may help immensely, is updating our server info where its advertised, while voting ive noticed on a few that it says our current version is around the 1.5ish mark, if we updated it to match where we are at now it might draw in a few more players
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  2. I also find that if you bump our thread (on minecraft forums for example) it stays in the most recent for a good amount of time. I've done this a few times and i also noticed that we received increased traffic. Advertising works
  3. yeah :3 now that im back ive been voting as much as I can xD and ive commented where I can too :p
  4. I never said no one could express their views. I just mean that the same things are being repeated over and over again and we are getting nowhere. If you have a different view then I'm ok with that. Just don't repeat almost exactly what someone else said. Add something to it that others could think about. Simply stating the same things doesn't help anyone understand your views. It just shows that you agree with someone and you can do that by liking their post instead of making a whole new post. We need new ideas flowing on the thread, so we can make this server as good as possible.

    Now the thing with advertising is, we don't want to advertise a half baked server. What I mean is that if we advertise the server as is, what are people going to think of it? It's boring and empty. We may get bad reviews and players won't continue to come back.
  5. *A wild Pythros appears*

    Disclosure TL;DR threads.

    1.8 = lot of changes

    Here's what I have on the table to help with traffic.

    Very very basic set of admin plugins: Essentials(all-in-one stuff), WorldGuard, WorldEdit, ReportRTS, dynmap (maybe), LogBlock, MCBans, HeroChat (or something similiar), StarGate (maybe), and PlotMet for creative.

    The idea of the basic plugins is for the sole purpose of making it more more vanilla. And it will help out with updates in the future as these are regularly well kept updated with Bukkit/Spigot.

    Change the server to a white-list server only OR white-list to play the main servers outside the hub world Genesis. The goal with white-listing is that individuals will need to apply on the Minecraft Forums thread (will be re-created) so that it can be frequently updated and pushing it to the first page.

    The spawn town will be made in survival by gathered resources by the community and built by those designated as Architects.

    Also, I should be more around with this update.
    Pythros, Aug 21, 2014
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  6. Also, with all the net content in 1.8, new main world.

    This will probably be the same for future world terrain/generated only content.
  7. I'm not a fan of whitelisting, but if we did it where you had to be whitelisted to visit other worlds outside of Genesis that would be ok I guess. I just personally am not a fan of whitelist servers because they require work to get on and then you may end up not actually liking it. But allowing players to go to Genesis and see how great the server is first before having to go through the whitelist process isn't that bad.

    I also am partial on the survival/community spawn build. It takes long enough building spawn with creative. Although I do like survival over creative, spawn is so big and requires so many things that it takes months to build. If you want it built right and amazingly that is.

    But that being said, I do like how the community has to gather supplies for architects to build spawn. It would force the community to come together if they wanted a bank or a hub to other worlds and all that good stuff. I just think if we go this route, we shouldn't expect a very large elaborate spawn or expect it to be done very quickly.
  8. Piscies is the only one that has anything to add/voice her opinion?
  9. I pretty much agree with piscies and have nothing more to add, just leaving this here to show I'm still around.

    However, when building a new spawn, it would be nice to make it last longer than just one world. I think it would be much easier to build a flying structure of some sort, centred around the airships in Genesis. We could possibly make a town in the sky, with balloons, airships and such, with all the necessary buildings and hubs we need on it, and then a drop down to the new world. We could do this in survival, and it would mean we could easily copy/paste it onto any new map we may have in the future, making the new world process much quicker. This would also give some thematic consistency with new worlds, as it would look at if the flying spawn had just moved to a new area. Also, to clear up any confusion, I don't mean Genesis above the new world. I was thinking something more like Columbia from Bioshock Infinite. Or we could just build a small spawn on this new world, and the next, and the next...
  10. I am okay with shnaffle's idea as long as spawn looks like it was once part of genesis and then drifted away or something like that. That way we have continuity. I would also like if we could edit genesis/spawn island whenever we create a new map, so that we can keep updated with the different versions of minecraft and not have the same spawn each time. I like it being changed up at least a little between maps.
  11. Yeah, I don't know. I pretty much agree as well. Kinda just want to get started working on a project on the server. We just about spent the whole summer trying to decide where to go.
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  12. Also, depending on outcomes of this none sense of a DMCA request by a former CraftBukkit dev, we will be on 1.7 for a very long time or be on a perma whitelist running vanillas... Stay tune.
  13. With the new spectate mode, we could allow players to visit the main world and the creative world as a spectator which would prevent them from griefing. If they would like to continue onto the main world, then they would apply on the Minecraft Forums to get white-listed.

    For community building, what could be done is to pre-make the buildings in our sandbox world and then make it in the new world once it has been finalized. With that we could potential allow approved non-staff members help out building under the supervision of an Architect that is online.

    We could move over to 1.8 now if we go vanilla on it using some trickier with command blocks AND whitelisted for staff and reputable members. Then after Spigot and said plugins are 1.8 ready we will allow anyone.

    The Spigot Team is now providing patches that keeps things going. If they come out with 1.8 soon, we'll move over pretty fast on a new map following the items I mentioned above unless someone strongly objects with debatable points.

    There is also a new "modded" server in the works to help prevent all this DMCA fiasco in the future. This new server is being developed by key Bukkit devs, Forge devs, Spout devs, Spigot devs, and other notable devs in the Minecraft community called Sponge. They are building it up from scratch to start on 1.8. However, CraftBukkit plugins will not be compatible with Sponge. So once things are in a production build and plugin devs have created a version of the plugin to work with Sponge or we find a plugin to replace it, we will move over to this new server. Hopefully it will be smooth transition.

    Now unto non-Minecraft related topic.

    I always envisioned XPE to be a "family" friendly gaming community/family beyond Minecraft. All games at some point lose their spark with players and people will move onto new/other games. What other games or areas would you like to see the community move into? I'm thinking of restructuring the forums to Games: F2P (TF2, Planetside, Trove, etc), P2W (Pay to Win games, that is non-balanced F2P), Paid Games (Minecraft, BF4, Terraria, etc).
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  14. I support the idea of spectator mode. The biggest problem with whitelist servers is that the player can’t see the world and must wait and apply before being able to do so. Basically everything piscies said about it earlier. But having a spectator mode should fix those problems.

    I also like the idea of using Sandbox to build parts of spawn. The only problem may be the patience of some players who have trouble building, but are adamant about making spawn. Architects and players will have to be open to compromise. Spawn is a collaborative project, it can’t be awful, but it won’t be perfect in the vision of an architect. Perhaps architects can offer some building lessons to players if needed and if architects are willing to put in extra time helping these players.

    As for 1.8 issues, I think we should just wait until all the plugins and Spigot are ready to make the jump to 1.8 before starting this new world. We can’t really do anything with spawn and the other worlds until it is open to all players anyway.

    Currently, there is hardly any player activity and few returning players and mods. This may increase with the incentive of getting to play around with the new additions 1.8 has to offer, but the server would still remain incomplete and under construction.

    If we start a new map, which may be required due to a new spawn and 1.8 additions, another incentive to play while the server is closed to new players is to set up mines, houses, gather supplies, gain experience, and overall get a “head start” over the new players. I would prefer to have an equal chance to get new resources and land with other new players.

    I think we should wait until the server is ready for 1.8 as well as be able to include new players. Maybe once we have a set date that this is possible, we could advertise this date and spread the news to players we know who have been inactive.

    As for new games to play on, I can’t really add much. Minecraft has been the only multiplayer game I’ve played on, but when we do begin to include more games in Chirho Entertainment, I’m open to trying them out.
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  15. I also support spectator mode. Having that initial access to the server (though restricted) bridges the Whitelist gap creating traffic issues.

    I think that a community built spawn is a good idea, as it helps bring everyone together to build new relationships. It also gives a sense of purpose to what they players are doing online. However, it will undoubtably be difficult to manage - predicated on our desire for an aesthetically pleasing spawn - as we can't 100% dictate how it will turn out with so many (hopefully) players contributing. Despite the difficulty, if there are willing architects/staff, i think that it can be done. Productively.

    I agree with waiting for all the necessary plugins before jumping to starting the new world. If we went now, the server wouldn't be up to par - at least in our own eyes. I feel it is best to be prepared rather than hasty just to keep things moving.

    As for getting a "head start," i can definitely see the competitive juices flowing if we decided to keep the server closed until the launch date. That will only add more excitement to the event. Good idea Ember.

    As for other games that the community could play - I am an avid fan of League of Legends. It's free. It's fun. It's multiplayer. And there is a lot of replay value. I encourage you all to check it out. Eraisuithon4 is my in-game name if you want to add me. Eraisuithon134 is my username if the former doesn't work.
  16. The only thing I have to add is that if we switch to using Sponge, I request that we keep/get back the sitting in chair plugin. That plugin made me really happy.

    Oh and also I don't really play any games other than minecraft, but I occasionally play Runescape to play with a few of my high school friends. I mainly just walk around aimlessly or chase chickens, but if anyone wants to play with me I am up to teaming up or possibly starting a clan.
  17. o_O Umm Hi! I know I've not been active for... A long time, however, my interest is piqued by the thought of a modded server. I'm not really a fan of tekkit, as I prefer and play FTB (direwolf20). I don't know if I have much to add here as I skimmed most of the responses as they were quite lengthy, but I feel like we should have a list for people to see the staffs usuall time of play (not saying we have to play at the times we post) but it would be better to know when our staff would be on and perhaps the regular members. I also like the idea of keeping vanilla as the home world and other servers require whitelist or at least permissions to build/edit in. On a side note, sorry I've been away so long I don't frequent forums a lot, the best way to contact me is on fb, (I'm Craig btw).
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  18. A problem is we do not have very many active staff at the moment, but I do like the idea of having a way of telling when our staff will be playing on the server.
  19. After walking around the new server world, I have to say in all my days playing Minecraft I have never seen a better world. It's breath taking, and I really hope it stays for a lot longer then the last one.:headphone:
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