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Open Land

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Evildeath66, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. While flying around spawn, I noticed several large unused chunks of land. Ive been looking for a place near spawn to build, but all of the spots just off the highway are pretty much taken. If we can't just open the land, maybe we could sell this land, as it could be valuable. If we could shorten the Arhi protection to not take up all of this valuable land, then we could have more character around the spawn. Plus, when there are new people on they don't know that they can build, they just have to follow the highway. I've seen some players leave because they dont think they can build. Here is a picture of some of the land near spawn that could be fine real estate.

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  2. I have the area (mainly the land bordered by the rivers) around Arhi protected of as Arhi. The main reason of this is for future development of Arhi and that I wanted to have a "buffer" between the spawn and player land.
  3. Could players be permitted to help develop Arhi by building player owned shops and the like in these areas?
  4. I don't think you should sell it in case you want to add more stuff to spawn. Plus if new players come on and don't know they can build maybe you should put up a sign, that says follow the highway or something, at spawn. You could probably put it in that "information" building thing that you guys haven't used yet that is supposed to have command information in it.
  5. I'll be honest, I have no idea where this information building is...

    Its the building with all the blank signs which you walk through. I thought that was the updates building.
  6. You know the first little arch thing you go under when you leave spawn? Shnaffle told me it would eventually be a command information area.