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Pets and Animals

Discussion in 'We Need Your Opinion' started by Pythros, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. How much are you willing to purchase a cat, dog, cow, etc, egg?

    These will be available after we move to 1.6.2
  2. I would buy them for sure just because I love animals... have you seen my dogs? :p Embernight thinks cats and dogs should be worth half a weeks worth of voting.
  3. I think this question will be much more easily answered after an economy reset.
  4. Well, it won't matter after the reset since economy will be reset with the world reset and Xylochos won't matter.
  5. Xylochos won't matter? So we built it for nothing then?
  6. After the server wide reset. Which would be who knows when exactly. No, your work was not for nothing.
  7. okie dokie lokie...
  8. Price an egg for maybe a diamond per egg? If we are using Talents, maybe 100 talents per egg?
  9. It will be via gold block/nugget/ingot. An ingot = 36 Talents. These will be sold via a Villager NPC :)
  10. Maybe worth 3 gold ingots then?
  11. I'd bump it up to 4, just to make it divisible from 64. So for a stack of gold, a player could get 16 eggs.
  12. That works for me..