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Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by ViperX07, May 9, 2012.

  1. Yeah I know I'm AFK because of school. Regardless, I want to share my passion (music) with everyone by giving them cool new songs to listen to / playlists by request. Ask for a genre/genres (honestly anything except for metal/emo/screamo etc.) of music and I'll share some tasty tracks.I don't want to be the only one giving suggestions so feel free to do so as well!
  2. /wave

    Hai. My name is Pythros, welcome to the server. Oh wait. ;)
  3. That's a catchy track!
  4. If you like dubstep, DJ Alex S does some pretty good remixes. For hardstyle fans (and bronies) there's KeepOnRockin'. Renard Queenston makes several different types of EDM under various fursonas at lapfoxtrax.com, his most famous character probably being Kitsune^2, from which the Rainbow Tylenol and Avast Your Ass (which might also be familiar to bronies ;)) remix memes come from.
  5. Jazz? I play the Sax and want to see what everyone else likes from the world of Jazz? :p
  6. Don't be fooled by emo slop Viper! Metal is a beautiful genre, which is genuinely awesome, it is NOT just swiney idiots screaming and smashing guitars on a naked lions anus, it is powerful and epic!

    here are some classics to get you in the metal mood :D

    Enter sandman - Metallica (if you like it I do a how to play video :D )

    possbily one of the best songs of all time ( you will Love this man!)
    Whitewash - BUCKETHEAD (my skin)

    Back in black - AC/DC (CLASSIC!!)

    Immigrant song (Led Zepelin) AWESOME

    seriously dude, you cant claim to appreciate music without liking these, I hope one day you feel as passionate about little vibrations in the ear as I do :D
  7. Contrasto Grosso, anyone? (Played the Trumpet 1 part of this in middle school)
  8. I do appreciate hard rock, and a few metal songs. I never said it was bad, it's just not m cup of tea. Anyone want a rap/hip hop playlist?
  9. Wut...?
  10. Wut...? 0_o
  11. Here's an EDM (electronic dance music: basically everything from trance to dubstep and their sub-genres) playlist. If you want specific genres just ask :p

    Just a note, at least try to listen to all of these songs. A lot of them might start uninteresting but they'll change into something you'll love if you keep listening. Good luck.

    I've got more if you want more. I'll post a hip-hop playlist in a few days.
  12. No Basshunter? Srsly, go listen to "Vi sitter i ventrilo och spelar DoTA", and the song that it got it's melody from "Daddy DJ"
  13. Ahem…

    EPIC WIN!!!!!