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Plugins and Commands

Discussion in 'General' started by Pythros, Jun 24, 2011.

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  1. A list of plugins can be found at http://pluginver.xp-e.net.

    The commands they can use and what they do...


    Teleport Commands:
    Teleports you to your previous location

    Teleports you to the spawn town.

    Sets your current location as your 'home'.

    Teleports you to your home.

    Accepts a teleport request. (Note: you cannot request to teleport to someone, just accept it if someone requests you.)

    Denies a teleport request.

    Position Commands:

    Gives your bearing relative (North, East, South or West.)

    Gives how many blocks you are above or below sea level.

    Gives your x, y, and z co-ordinates and your head angle (up down angle) and rotation (left right angle).

    Online Status:
    "/list" , "/online" , "/who" , "/w"
    Lists the players currently online.

    "/seen [player full name]"
    Tells you the time since the specified player last logged off.

    Server Info and Help:

    "/help [page]"
    Displays (most) of the commands you can use.

    Displays the message of the day and general server information and webpages.

    "/modreq [message]"
    Sends a message to the moderators. Use for protection requests, griefing and other rulebreaking reports, etc. Please refrain from using for questions - just use the chat.

    "/mail send <player> <message>"
    Sends a message to a player via mail- works offline and displays it until marked as read.

    "/mail read"
    Displays any messages you have in your inbox.

    "/mail clear"
    Marks all messages in your inbox as read.

    "/msg <player> <message>"
    Sends a private message in chat.

    "/r <message>"
    Quickly privately responds to the last person who messaged you.

    Shop Commands:

    "/find <item> [page]"
    Lists quantities and prices of those items that are being sold.

    "/buy <amount> <item> [maxprice]"
    Buys a certain number of that item [only if cheaper than the max price specified].

    "/sell <amount> <item> <price per item>"
    Sells that amount of the item for the specified price per item.

    "/cancel <item>"
    Removes those items from the shop.

    "/sales [player] [page]"
    Lists ALL the server sales starting on page one for all players unless otherwise specified.

    "/stock [player] [page]"
    Displays the items being sold for all players starting on page one unless otherwise specified.

    iConomy/money commands:

    Displays your current funds. (Talents are the currency, shekels are like pennies or cents, 100 shekels makes up a talent.)

    "/money ?"
    Lists all the iConomy commands you can use with a brief description.

    "/balancetop [amount]"
    Lists the top [amount] of players in terms of talents (and shekels)- if no amount if specified it lists all.

    "/money pay <player> <amount>"
    Pays that player that many talents. Use a decimal place for shekels. e.g. "100.05" is 100 talents, 5 shekels.

    Virtual Chest Commands:

    /gp ? [1 , 2 , or 3]
    Lists the virtual chest commands with a brief description.

    "/gp b [large or normal] [chest name]"
    Purchases and names a large or normal chest- by default purchases a normal chest, and names it normal1, normal2, large1, large2, etc..

    "/gp set ChestName <default or send>"
    Sets a virtual chest as your sending chest or default chest. (Default chest is the chest that opens automatically when you just type "/gp c", Send chest is the chest used to send items to other players from.

    "/gp c [chest name]"
    Opens the named chest, or your default virtual chest if no chest name is given.

    "/gp l"
    Lists all the chests that you own.

    "/gp u [chest name]"
    Upgrades a normal chest to a large chest. Upgrades your default chest if no name is given.

    "/gp r <old name> <new name>"
    Renames a chest.

    "/gp rm <chest name>"
    Removes a chest.

    "/gp e <chest name>"
    Empties the contents of a chest to the virtual lava.

    "/gp s <player>"
    Sends the contents of your send chest to another player's virtual chest.

    Protection Commands:

    Makes a mechanism private to you. If you add someone's name to the command, it adds them too. (e.g. "/cprivate Notch" makes a chest private to all except you and Notch.)

    "/cpassword [password]"
    Protects the mechanism with a password, usually used on trapdoors, doors, etc.

    "/cunlock <password>"
    Unlocks a password protected mechanism.

    Rmoves a protection placed on a mechanism.

    "/region addmember <regionname> <playername>"
    Adds the specified player to the specified region. Only the owner of the region can use this. (e.g. "/region addmember notchhouse notch" would add notch to the region notchhouse.)

    Channel Commands:

    "/qm <channel> <msg>"
    Sends a quick message to that channel.

    "/<channel> <msg>"
    Sends a quick message to that channel.

    "/ch <channel>"
    Sets that channel as your default channel.

    Miscellaneous Commands:

    "/clean -f"
    Cleans your inventory of all items. (Note: Using just "/clean" clears everything except your quickbar.)

    Will receive “ Pong! ” when the server responds to you. Please use this - do not type "test" in chat.

    Stacks unstackable items into stacks of 64 (snowballs, picks, etc).

    Un-sticks you… If you are stuck in a block try this to fix it.
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