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Postpone moving to Era for Jungle or Move to Era ASAP

Discussion in 'We Need Your Opinion' started by Pythros, Jan 26, 2012.


Should we move to Era ASAP or wait for 1.2 to come out with its Jungle biome?

Jungles! 2 vote(s) 14.3%
Move ASAP! 12 vote(s) 85.7%
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  1. Alright... At first Everdras and I shot around the idea of either waiting for 1.2 for the new jungles biome or just go ahead with Era with its current biome structure with a new content freeze with a new "resource" world.

    Note that this would require and entire NEW world as YOU HAVE TO start a new world for the jungles. A current world running on Minecraft 1.2 will not generate the new biome in newly generated chunks. Yes I am aware that there are ways to edit the terrain generator on old map files, but honestly, I doubt the terrain and such will blend. We will have to see when 1.2 comes out fully to see how it would turn out with the current seed or we'll have to find a new seed to use.

    Just because we want your vote or opinion on this matter doesn't mean we will go with what the public say.
  2. I think that we should update to 1.1 and stay on this map but once 1.2 comes out (and craftbukkit with its plugins) we should then move to a 1.2 map. Maybe instead of rebuilding the new spawn when we do move to 1.2 we should just copy over spawn.
  3. Or we could just move to Era ASAP and copy a jungle biome onto Era.
  4. ...Out of curiosity, would we be needing to make entirely new stuff for the 1.2 map? Or would the work that was put into Era right now be able to be moved to this 1.2 map if we did wait and generate a new one?
  5. I think a recource world would be the best option here and we move to Era ASAP. Making a new 1.2 map I feel is going to be a pain. The highways are the main problem as they cant be copied over and would have to be redone. And as jungles at the moment add only a new log and leaf I dont feel a need for everything to be redone. As this wood would be obtainable in a recource world. I also think that as this new world has been expected for a very long time, and people are saving up for new building projects etc "for the new map". I feel it would be fair to move to era as soon as we can. And prolong jungles until they come out. And when they do a recource world would be waitng for them.

    Just my opion though :D
  6. Honestly, with all the work and time that has gone into era, i wouldn't like to see such a nice world go to waste. I think we should move to era, then have a resource world that we regen every few weeks or something, and maybe if there's a massive biome update or the map get's clogged or messy, we could go through the process of a new map again.
  7. Meh resource world? I don't like the idea of that. If there was one, wouldn't that get the use of Era to nothing? Wouldn't be much survival. I vote for Move ASAP and No resource world.
  8. Not if they couldnt build in the resource world, as it would be reset every few weeks. Also if there was no resource world how then could you get jungle logs? And other new additions jeb is adding. I think if we want Era ASAP we sort of have no choice to have a resource world which I think isn't really that bad of an addition.
  9. I agree with Shnaffle here but maybe we should regenerate a portion of the map where there are no highways until we get a jungle biome.
  10. I think this is the best idea
  11. It's very easy to say that, but in actual fact it would be very difficult to copy one over, and blend it in.
  12. I guess I didn't think of that because I just wanted to go to Era as soon as possible.
  13. Why don't we regenerate a 1.2 map and move the new spawn over but stay on this map until 1.2 comes out?
  14. The highways will need to be redone. Also I think that Era has been promised for a long time and postponing it for another update isnt fair. If we could just have a resource world that is reset a lot so it doesnt take the role of Era I think that would be problem solved. And we get the long a waited Era ASAP.
  15. if i could jump in. i think we should move to Era ASAP as like evreyone keep say it has been wanted for a long time. and then pythros could make the other world that has its borders around the out side of the jungle. and then we have a jungle with out the mess of rebuilding a map
  16. However much I would LOVE to see Era, I would also love to see a jungle biome in its natural spawned state. Maybe we could move to Era for now and after the speed over updates slows down again we could move to a new new map complete with jungle biomes, NPC villages and what ever other terrain updates Jeb has installed.
  17. I think that we should move to Era ASAP and have a resource world reserved only for the resources not available on Era so as to keep Era from getting neglected.
  18. Without a jungle biomes we can't get cats.
  19. Yeah but we've been waiting so long for Era. Also you can just go into single player and play a jungle biome.
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