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PvP Arena

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by lmtrackstar, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. So some people have been thinking about PvP being enabled in certain areas, but I don't really like that, because it would really kill the community atmosphere on the server, and would make us pretty angry at each other. What if, instead of that, we built a large PvP arena, in which people could fight and bet on the fights. I'm not talking a giant oval arena full of sand, I'm talking something in which we could build some small buildings, traps, mob spawners, pitfalls, chests with bonus items, etc. It could be reset back every so often since the area inside is bound to get destroyed regularly. Maybe a large round or oval arena with a domed glass roof, and a mock town inside full of crazy junk that can be reset occasionally.. We could even enable TNT. It would basically be a place for people to blow off steam, kill other players, loot their stuff, and cause mayhem. We could have bleachers for people to watch from, like in the now-defunct spleef stadium. (By the way, we should have an tourney there when we update)

  2. I like the idea, but I think we might already have a solution. Pythros has the Game World Paignia all ready to be used. We'd have to have him confirm this, but I think it might already have a PvP game. If it doesn't, this would be a great idea to add to it. I'd like to expand on your idea by adding that it should be bigger than what you make it seem. I'd like to see opposing teams to have to mine for their supplies, and so they'd need more space for this. :)

    In response to your tourney idea after the update, Pyth and I have already begun plans to do another Buildcraft competition after the update. We might be able to include a spleef tourney at the same time if others would like to partake.

    I like your suggestions Lmt, keep em up ;)
  3. Love the idea! :D

    Here is something that I've seen on youtube. It's a race to capture all the wool at different increments along the map. There are supplies you have to collect, things you need to build, and monsters to fight all while you are being attacked by the other team and vice versa. It Looks really fun.

    Look up Minecraft Race for the Wool on youtube

    Also heres a link to the map maker (He has some other stuff too)
  4. The Race for the Wool looks cool, but a bit big. We'd have to make a large space for it.
  5. Special maps/games like Race for the Wool and Walls will have their own world as a special event as it would require to restore the entire map so that things could be reset easily for the next round per se.

  6. I have played a lot of race for wool and capture the wool but i now from personal experience that it is possible to code a plugin that would auto reset the map and it would definitely draw more attention to the server.

    Example for the code: You could code something based on the hunger games code which is a global spawn with a command to join a game and once a certain amount of people are in a game the game will start
    once there is a victor the game ends and resets. You could use the open source code from the plugin world wipe (reset).
  7. I happened to find this on r/minecraft. It's pretty much what I'm talking about. This is the inside of an arena. [IMG]
  8. That looks really cool. So you're gonna build that? :lol:
  9. If I were given creative mode and worldedit, yes.
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  10. If that was the case i'd be more than willing to help. :) Let me know if anything becomes of this