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Quantum Jail?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by auhjos, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. 09jnewington a while ago built a prison so perfect that it was impossible to escape. You can't open your inventory, place blocks or even use the chat. There is also a cool swirly effect which makes you feel sick ;). Perhaps we could replace our current jails with these (seeming that the ony way to get to the nether is through the public portal)? All there is to it is a nether portal blocked off from anywhere else with one way in/out only controllable from the outside (Lever?)


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  2. Shnaffle and I have played around with that too while afk boxing. But it is possible to smash the glass.
  3. True but not if it's protected.
  4. The area is protected and yet there is still a escape route :) I designed it with just one solution who can find it?
  5. Disapproved...

    Our current jails are sufficient.
  6. I never really thought that the idea would be passed but instead would be to inspire others with crazy town jail ideas.
  7. Auhjos should be publicly tortured for wasting precious time with something he knew would be a loss leader, I suggest we use the quantum jail for irony...
  8. /Trout 09jnewington