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Discussion in 'Mods, Texture Packs, and Maps (Challenges)' started by 09jnewington, Oct 18, 2011.

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  1. Wasn't expecting to see this lol...

    Maybe next time, describe what the mod does ;)

    Cakes = snow?

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  2. CAKE!!!!!!!!

    There is also a dungeon biome and a log biome.

    this update sees a full set of sponge tools, all the standard crafting, just 100% made of sponge

    te only difference is that sponge spades are made like so (S=sponge block

    S S

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  4. have you considered my Yogscast idea for this version?
  5. Hehe, you call them spades...

    So, I'm with Pythros: What the heck is this supposed to be doing? I mean, what is it's purpose? Other than to satisfy your obviously deluded mind...I mean, cake snow? I kinda like marshmallow trees, and the dungeon and log biomes are brilliant! Log biomes, will they be like a petrified forest kind of thing? Like, defoliated trees? I don't know if you already have this planned in or whatever (I don't download those kinds of mods, just things like Single Player Commands and World Edit), but I once saw a petrified forest that had been flooded, and it looks really cool. Kind of reminds me (in a minecraft setting) of putting defoliated trees in a swamp biome, with some extras or something. Perhaps a fog setting, so that it looks really creepy...

    But, this is coming from someone who knows nothing about modding or the procedure (other than the moderator part of modding, that is!)
  6. Gee, thanks

    I fixed your quote :p -Gili707
  7. Oops, looks like I forgot the :)
  8. Come on. 09jnew doesn't have endless amounts of time for this... Cut him some slack
  9. tnx auh :D brownie points +1
  10. I noticed he avoided answering my questions...
  11. Total Brownie Points: 1 :)

    Btw... what will the NPC's/new mobs be like?
  12. Everdras, please could you help me, whenever i recomplie with the marshmallow blocks, it say no errors, so i run startclient.batch and it says minecraft has encountered a problem and stopped working :(
  13. okay auh, the NPCs are kinda like nyan cats on 2 legs

    ill put up a screenie soon
  14. how do you install a texture pack?
  15. Everdras Bit Shifter

    Post a stack trace or crash dump file. Something like hs_err_pid.txt.

    Also post your source code. If it compiles but crashes, it's a runtime error and is extremely likely a null pointer exception. Just push it to a repository or upload it to megaupload.

    now there is full sponge armour!

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  17. Guys, 0.4 will NOT be out for a while. I need to finish the new texture for the weapons and armor.

    Will keep you guys posted!
  18. Uh...You will, Auhjos?
  19. Me and 09jnew are now working together^^

    I should have said that in my first post but oh well :)
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