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Discussion in 'Mods, Texture Packs, and Maps (Challenges)' started by 09jnewington, Oct 18, 2011.

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  1. umm well textures yes, but we arent buisness partners!^^
  2. ...you did ask me to and besides, what use are non-textured (invisible) tools?
  3. lol, they have textures, just mine are awfull, i really apreciate you helping auh^^
  4. thanks!

    Status update!!!
    1. SpondgeSticks are being renamed and retextured (their now purple)
    2. Sponge tools+armor is about 40% done
  5. as you asked auh, i changed the name from 'sponge sticks'

    to 'Mystic sponge stick'

    to add to the purpleness^^

    P.S: woolenlolly is now done, it would be awwesome of you could texure them^^
    they are lollies made from refined dirt and coloured wool
  6. 1. What coloured wool?
    2. Is refined dirt almost the same as normal dirt?
    3. Whats the crafting recipe?
  7. 1.All
    2. it is dirt through a furnace, it has a darrked texture
    3.the wool on top, with a sponge stick underneath it
  8. Where does the dirt come in?
  9. sorry, typo :D

    the refined dirt is for a next tier armour, the iron strenth equivilant. (aprox.)
  10. I'll do that for 0.5
  11. Finished textures for 0.4!
    Working on 0.5 :p
  12. rainbow crystals no generate in caves
  13. now or no longer?

    Also is 0.4 being released soon?
  14. Ohhh^^

    When is 0.4 being released?
  15. as soon as i finish these guys^^ feel free to make a awesome texture for them if you like

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  16. meh mob

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  17. here is a mob test, not done yet.

    DO NOT ask about the hoes...

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  18. nobody is intrested :(
  19. I am, I'm just watching you... 0.o
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.