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RECAP: 2015/10/17 Town Hall Meeting

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Pythros, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. Thank to all of you that attended and contributed to the meeting. Below are the topics we went over and the feedback on them. I may have forgotten an item or two of what some individuals voiced on these topics.

    • Minecraft Server(s)
      • Keep Main (PvE) Server very vanilla as possible to encourage creativity on builds with addition of plugins such as WorldGuard for protection
        • Talked about having spawn area build as a cooperation with community
      • Bring Creative Server back
      • Bring Hub Server back
      • Bring Snapshot Servers back
      • Introduce Modded Servers
        • Feed the Beast (FTB) - Due to protections, will probably be whitelisted and players must apply to play on the server. A separate thread will be created once to go over modpack options.
        • TerraFirmaCraft - Some have interest in this. Players that have applied, reputable, and interviewed may be approved to play on this server. Geared for those that want something "extra-hard"
    • Open/Closed Community - Whitelist/Graylist
      • Keep Main Server open to view, but individuals will need to apply to gain building privileges
      • To apply on Minecraft Forums to gain privileges
      • Provide way for “Senior” Members to allow their friends have building privileges via an invite code to bypass application process
    • Gaining and Retaining Players
      • Apply on Minecraft Forums to keep server thread alive and on front page
      • Post server events on Minecraft Forums
      • Look into how economy is done on Main Server
      • Community Events
      • Branch open to other games
    Pythros, Oct 22, 2015
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    • Different Games
      • ARK
      • Terraria
      • Starbound
      • Co-op Style, PvE
      • Good F2P
      • Games where we can host and maintain our own game server without purchasing
      • Games with Clans/Guilds that would be owned/run by XPE
    • Game Events
      • Minecraft
        • UHC
        • Sethbling’s The Building Game
        • Hypixel game server
        • Misc. Minigames
        • Our own homebrewed games
        • Server Events
          • Nether Opening(?)
          • Dragon Fights
          • Wither Fights
      • Tryant 2
      • War of Thunder
      • Europa Universalis
      • Cross Operating System to include all members
    • Group YouTube Series
      • Little Interest
      • For Game Events such as UHC
      • Let’s Play
      • Playing on Server(s)
    • Staff/Member List Reorganized
      • Staff will be
        • Owner
        • Server Managers
          • System Admin (Everdras)
          • Server Admin - Similar to that of Senior Moderator (Embernight & Piscies)
        • Moderator - combines with Jr Mod
        • Staff will have better and more access to help the community in needs with not having to rely too much on “higher ups”
      • Possible “mentoring” program when bringing in new Moderators
      • Members will consist of “regular” member and Senior Member
        • Senior Members are those who are reputable and are given “codes” to invite friends without the need of application process. No other special privileges.
    I also mentioned that our website is going to get an update. With this update, we will wipe the board clean on bans and registration, both on forums and Minecraft server. This is to give people a second chance and cleanup of inactive accounts that are no longer visiting and/or with email accounts that no longer exist. We may at this time "restart" the server or wait until 1.9 is available.

    Please feel free to discuss these points in this thread.

    As mentioned, FTB modpack will be further discussed on want to use, include, and not use in a separate thread at a later time. Please do not comment on that, thank you.
    Pythros, Oct 22, 2015
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  2. What about a Rust server?
  3. So now that 1.9 is coming out pretty soon (and by soon, I mean in two more days), I think its about time we started to get some of the things on this list done. Are we going to restart the server and/or have another Town Hall meeting (it's been quite a few months since the last one)?