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Reduced playing time

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by supercrushed, May 14, 2012.

  1. Hey there fellow Minecrafters! Over this week and the next I really won't be on the server too much due to finals and an increased work load. Then, the day after my school gets out I fly out to Hawaii for two weeks (Woot!). My parents are having me bring my laptop because they need to be able to stay in touch with their clients, but that also means I will occasionally be on the server :D. I should be back around June 10th. Just to clarify, I'm not leaving for 4 weeks, I'm just not going to be on the server as much.

    ~super ;)
  2. Have fun Super! Enjoy your stay ;)
  3. Mahalo! (Goodbye) Hope you enjoy your stay. What island are you going on?
  4. Thanks auh! And uku, I'm going to Oahu and Maui, also, Aloha means hello and goodbye too ;).
  5. Sweet! Hop you have fun! I will also be slightly inactive for 2 weeks in june due to vacation. Not that anybody cares.... :D
  6. Have fun super!
  7. Exams start Wednesday and I pretty much will not be on the server until Friday or early saturday before I take off for vacation.
  8. Have fun super, Make sure you say hello to the turtles for me ;)
  9. Woot! Exams + school finish today, I might be on today after school but I probably won't be tomorrow.
  10. Welcome back Super! :)
  11. Just got into Hawaii. I might be on, but not too much.
  12. Aloha! Have fun!
  13. Haha, one day and I have a bookful of stories. Anyways, I think im going to make a Hawaiian texture pack ;)
  14. Awesome, I can't wait to see!
  15. Well today is my last day in Hawaii :(. I take off for Florida Thursday morning but get in Friday evening ( 0_0 timezones...).


    Edit: Probably shoulda said this earlier, I arrived home on the 15th of June. Good to be back :D.
  16. Tiemzones >_< (yes, the mispelling is intentional)

    We have to deal with timezones all the time in the RP that I'm in, having players all over the world.
  17. Tomorrow at 8:00 am EST I leave for Orlando, I'll be gone for 5 days :D. I will not have access to a computer to play on the server.