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Discussion in 'General' started by sonicsteve, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. Im not sure where to post this but for some reason reeds dont stop growing. as far as I can tell they will keep going until something stops them.
  2. Really?
    I have seen them grow as high as 5 blocks, but that's as far as I let them go before I harvest them.
  3. Minecraft wiki:

  4. Ok auhjos I didnt know they were capable of growing to 5 high naturally though.
  5. Well, I start mine out with one reed, right? And then four more grow on top...
  6. I just found this today:

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  7. I think it may have something to do with the plugin for doing things like trap doors on glowstone. Because they only started growing like that after Pythros turned it back on yesturday. I guess it could be a side effect of that plugin.
  8. Reeds can be found at 5 blocks high or more but they can only grow up to 4
  9. Unless this server is coded differently reeds should only grow 3 high and can be found 5 high. also the reeds I am talking about have remained at 3 high since we imported the dome into the new map, Yet have only grown to 5 high since Pythros turned said plugin back on.
  10. In all fairness, what do you have against extra resources, Steve?
    I vote let the reeds stay!!
  11. Lol that guitar failed try this one
    .........: || :
    ........ - || - .
    .....`... ____... '

    Silly auto space pushes all the peices together... So the random dots are spaces
  12. Nice guitar
  13. Yes, the extra tall reeds are due to LivingBuilding. I have it set to grow taller than 3.
  14. I vote to keep the taller reeds
  15. I take the taller reeds vote to: 2
  16. I take it to 3
  17. allo, im 08jnew, und aye make it 4
  18. Bonjour! Je suis Auhsoj et je prends le vote à 5. Je suis aussi français
  19. Hola! Me llamo supercrossed. Yo estoy 5.