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Release = New Main Map!

Discussion in 'General' started by Pythros, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Re: 1.9 = New Main Map!

    For the waistlands, will there still be new mobs for the nether coming in 1.9 be in the waistlands
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    Lets hope! :D
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    Lol waistlands :O

    I think you would mean wastelands - the lands of waste. Not the lands of waists, which happen to be you region just below your stomach area :p
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    Lol, let's not go to the regions below your stomach area...
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    like we have a portal to the nether at spawn, please can we have an END portal too, it seems epic!

    also, please can you disenable /home and /spawn and /warp in the wastelands, so bandits are possible?
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    Nice idea but i think it will just make players argue over whose stuff it is and what belongs to who.

    Wow that was confusing
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    by bandits i mean like highwaymen inthe wastelands, if tping and/home were enabeled it would be lame..

    bandit; hand over your diamonds or your life fair_madien_01245!

    maiden; no, bugger off

    *maiden does /home*

    bandit; aww
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    It's a good point, I think that kind of thing would add to the uniqueness of the "waistlands", I think that should be grouped with my fire idea. Yeah, we're gonna raze your town! Heh. I still like that idea. Gives everyone a sense of "fight for your life", and roughing it. I think it would be a great and amazing idea, after all, some of us need another source of income, and holding up hapless nomads sounds as good as anything to me...

    Also, the wastelands sounds so amazing, because of the PvP thing. You could start making towns with defenses (those archer towers would have meaning!) like fireburns, TnT placed in the ground with hidden pressure pads, you name it! Man, I could get used to living there. We could have pirates, too! Imagine, if the chests weren't locked in there. You could plunder! Burn their towns, plunder their stores of goods, and kill the nomads, women and children first! Mwhaahaahaha...

    Sorry about that. Gotta let loose sometimes, though. :)

    Will the wastelands have water?
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    That would be really cool. To have to actually defend your town/village/home against invaders would add a significant (optional) challenge to the server. I totally vote towards the pvp/no tp thing.
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    And you could schedule wars with the other towns...

    Tell me, what are the regulations on using mod powers in PvP? I know I don't have lightning or anything that unfair, but what about tping to someone? I don't usually use unfairness and such with players, but will anything go in the "waistlands"?

    More to my style would be, tp to the person, then give them a minute or two to get used to my presence, and then announce, in a loud voice, my want to kill them. And THEN I'll attack...
    What about that?
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    Yikes if there are PvP trap capabilities in the wastelands... Don't let me in there :D
  13. Re: 1.9 = New Main Map!

    I think it depends on circumstances... I would try to avoid using mod powers in pvp at all, but just because you've tp'd to someone, shouldn't mean that you can't attack anyone for hours... As a general rule I would just not attack people who I have tp'd to, and definitely not tp for the purpose of attack. Maybe we should ask pythros for specific rules...
  14. Re: 1.9 = New Main Map!

    Gili's right. If pvp is enabled then even if a mod attacks someone legit then the player could claim the mod to have 'cheated'
  15. Re: 1.9 = New Main Map!

    If you had permission to do that, there would definitely be players who would complain...
  16. Re: 1.9 = New Main Map!

    First thing's first, I think I should appolgize about putting all that in here, I really should have even considered, as I try to be a fair person. I don't think using mod powers to kill someone would be even a semblance of fair, I just like the thrill of the hunt sometimes, and I don't have much patience. That being said, I move on to this....

    Well, that's assuming I'll be PvPing. I mean, I only get on at a certain time of day, and then, there is likely only a few people on. I don't think I have been on in the morning where there was more than five or six people at any given time, and that is usually just for a few minutes. Mostly, there are three. Or two.

    But you have to admit, people will complain whenever a staff member attacks, because they will think it is unfair. Just because we don't have to walk halfway across the world to find someone to attack them.

    Hmm, thinking it over (because I'm not a huge fan of PvP myself, something about how I keep dying because of lag and all that, and losing all my stuff), I think it would be to my benefit when we get PvP to start a fun business. I'll call it, "Mod Raids". Only those who sign in the forum thread can be attacked, the stipulation being that they could be under attack at any time, but with the Mod (me) giving a minute or two warning before launching a random raid on anyone who signed in the thread. Any dropped items will be for sale for a total of 10 tallents for everything, offered first back to the player who dropped them. If the mod (me) is killed during the raid, like if he met unexpected resistance from extra people, whatever loot he dropped is optional to sell. That means, the players can keep the mod's stuff if they want, but if the player dies, the mod must sell it back to them for 10 tallents.

    I think this is quite an idea, and satisfies everyone, really. If you don't want to take part in it, don't sign the thread. The players get the better bargain; it only takes twenty minutes of play to earn back everything you lost, and most people have more than ten tallents at any given time anyway. The mods (me) get the fun of attacking without having people complain, and whatnot.

    Well, what thinks you?
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    linking topics here, maybe NPC archers and bandits could roam the wastelands?
  18. Re: 1.9 = New Main Map!

    Randomly spawned/place traps would be cool.

    Maybe houses and stuff could be there as well.
  19. Re: 1.9 = New Main Map!

    I think that sounds like a good idea, both to Mcon and 09jnew.
  20. Re: 1.9 = New Main Map!

    Well, my idea, maybe not so much. But yeah, those highwaymen NPC's would be great, but I don't know enough about these things to say if they are possible.