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Release = New Main Map!

Discussion in 'General' started by Pythros, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Re: Release (1.10) = New Main Map!

    Villages yes, houses no.
  2. Re: Release (1.10) = New Main Map!

    My house is surrounded by 5 other houses, which all have a 'building code' verbally administrated. This area just 'grew' ever since I first moved there so at first it was me living somewhere but now its almost a town. Can it be copied over please?
  3. Re: Release (1.10) = New Main Map!

    i have 2 things to ask
    1. could we mabey have t'n't teruned on in the waistlands so town wars would be dadly in there
    2. when it comes to moveing towns would you just put in the cordanets in the center of the town and then the mods will move the full town over?
  4. Re: Release (1.10) = New Main Map!


    It would depend if you intend of having it an establishment with the newly revised establishment definition or just copy your house itself.


    1. TnT will be turned on in the Wastelands. However, TnT will not work with protected regions and for the moment, PvP will be disabled so no wars :p

    2. You will tell us what are the rough coordinates of your towns current location and how it will be positioned at the new coordinates. This will be after the fact of a new permit being applied for under the new revision.
  5. Re: Release (1.10) = New Main Map!

    Ooh, that's gonna tear down the towns we have. Nice, steep price for that. I know for certain that there are less than 30 people who have more than 4000 tallents, or so, and alot of them are staff. Most staff (Shnaffle and Sonicsteve not included) don't have towns. So, that will definitely cut them down.

    I knew I should have built my town before this...That's what I get for procrastinating. Oh well.
    So, anyone with a town currently will need to fill out a new permit, and pay the tallents to get it moved?

    And, you say something about getting the economy rolling, so, do you plan on adding another way to make money, or something?
  6. Re: Release (1.10) = New Main Map!

    Before I go on I just want to point out that my 'village/town' only has 4 residents now. (MadCoconutMan moved out)
    And I would like to have (when we go to the new map) my village copied over when I have purchased a permit. How or when this is done I don't know.
    When we do go to the new map I will fill out a permit and do all the other stuff needed.
  7. Re: Release (1.10) = New Main Map!

    People will be able to exchange diamonds, gold bars, and iron bars in for money. This will also be an upset for the current economy.

    Also, the new requirements allow people to have some form of an establishment that they can have. However, they can't charge people items, goods, services, or money in order to leave at an area. Nor can their be an authority over the establishment. This is handy for those, let's say three or four friends in real life, that want to "live" near each other but don't want to make a town of any form without having to apply for a permit as they are just living there and not making money off each other.
  8. Re: Release (1.10) = New Main Map!

    I prefer this option but will the area be copied over?
    If no, I'll buy a permit and send you the money.
  9. Re: Release (1.10) = New Main Map!

    On the town forums it said that you have to pay 10,00 talents for a town, does that mean 1,000 or 10,000. If it is really 10,000 talents there is no way I could ever afford one.
  10. Re: Release (1.10) = New Main Map!

    Playing for three or four weeks on the server, I earned myself around 4000 tallents before I spent it all on dirt. It shouldn't be that hard. In other news, why don't you go buy some dirt in shop?
  11. Re: Release (1.10) = New Main Map!

    It is really 10,000 talents. Think about for a second, 1,000 per person in the town. However, if you start as a village, you get 1,000 discount to upgrade to a town.

    Auhjos: Each person would need to require their structure to be copied over.
  12. Realistic 1.0 map

    If you hve already made the 1.0 map, pythros, please can you set up a live map or something, so i can take a picture of it, then i will make names for different 'continents' and 'oceans' so the game cna be a bit more realistic, and have like emporers or provinces, and it can be a lil' more RPG
  13. Re: Realistic 1.0 map

    It's at map.px-e.net -- PXE

    However, I don't know what Release 1.0 looks like fully. I have to wait for Bukkit and two plugins to work with 1.0 before I can do anything about the new map.
  14. Re: Release (1.10) = New Main Map!

    Ok. I'll tell every one to pack up and get ready for the new map.
  15. Re: Release (1.10) = New Main Map!

    If you can access your chests in the old map, is it possible that I don't get Olympia copied over. I really want to start fresh, but the town will still be called Olympia, still be rules by me, and Mastersmilez will still be my co-mayor.
  16. Re: Release (1.10) = New Main Map!

    I plan to keep Olympia under my control, I just want to start it over again, it didn't exactly turn out how i wanted it to be.
  17. Re: Release (1.10) = New Main Map!

    Auhjos: Their chests in the structures will be copied over with it's contents.

    Super... this isn't the place to discuss of what YOU want done with your structures. There are posts in this thread that talk about that.

    Everyone will have access to tear down structures and gather materials from chests between the maps should they decide to do such instead of copying them over.
  18. Re: Release (1.10) = New Main Map!

    Thanks Pythros!

    Sorry for the trouble
  19. Re: Release (1.10) = New Main Map!

    K, thanks Pyth.
  20. Re: Realistic 1.0 map

    that takes me to the current map, but ill justwait for the new map