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Release = New Main Map!

Discussion in 'General' started by Pythros, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Re: Realistic 1.0 map

    Perhaps if this idea goes ahead (for continents), cities could upgrade to countries and rule barren landscapes in stead of just houses, farms and other buildings. That way it will put more pressure on food, plants(different tree woods, flowers ect.) and space. This would be ultra-realistic!
  2. Re: Realistic 1.0 map

    thats exactly what i had in mind auh

    like, wars between empires could take place, fighting over diamond rich desert continents!
  3. Re: Realistic 1.0 map

    I like this Idea. Towns that become kingdoms, maybe control a continent or two :twisted:
  4. Re: Realistic 1.0 map

    However, this will only be an 8000 block map at most, I think it was said. So, not too many continents will be there. Also, there isn't to be PvP for the majority of the map. The Wastelands will be where PvP is. That is where you can attack. So, I doubt there will be continent wars. Although, it would be interesting.

    Perhaps, I will bring up a suggestion to have a map made for those who wish PvP combat on this scale. Perhaps, if Pythros is not game for a continent system on the regular map, it could be so on the other map. I will have to think about it awhile before posting something.
  5. Re: Realistic 1.0 map

    Move your mouse to the right to "pop out" the toolbar. You will see a few worlds to select from.

    There will be no PvP or wars of any kind in the main world. Wastelands will have a toggle type PvP (not at the start...) and griefing will still not be allowed for now.
  6. Re: Realistic 1.0 map

    I note you said "In the main world"....

    I'll start working on that suggestion to post in the suggestion forums later...
  7. Re: Realistic 1.0 map

    Please keep the no griefing rule. It is so helpful.
  8. Re: Realistic 1.0 map

    I found the perfect spot for Olympia in the West, just one question. If you find an NPC village are yoy allowed to keep it?
  9. Re: Realistic 1.0 map

    you'll have to get through the residnets first!
  10. Re: Realistic 1.0 map

    hmmm, pythros, any chance we could spawn a 1.0.0 world, i think that one is 1.8.1

    in 1.0.0 the world generates in continets and bigger biomes, so well, its up to you, but this idea dosent really work with that map, it is kinda lots of islands
  11. Re: Realistic 1.0 map

    Yeah^ There is more water than there is land. If only the Zeplin mod worked for multiplayer, we could sail ships around to other countries and towns.
  12. Re: Realistic 1.0 map

    The terrain is basically the same. I am waiting for a few plugins to generate a 100% 1.0 map. Merging this topic with the main "release" thread.
  13. Even if the continents are small only one or two place will be able to grow through: village, town, city, country, continent and reach empire. Imagine the steve hours and resources it would take! Also with a new and larger map it allows more space. If there are loads of islands then a city will be declared a country when it has control of: 2 cities, 1 island and have a parliament building in it's capital! Just an idea...
  14. I like that idea auh. Just I am worried that if a town wants to become a kingdom/country and another town is only about 100 blocks or so away from them on the same island or continent than that would be a problem. Maybe it should be a town could not be on the same island as another one.
  15. Is the any specific date, or week when the new map is to be released?
    I'm getting a little bored on Single player. :|
  16. Get on the server, then.

    No, there is no date. Whenever Bukit and a few other plugins update, which will likely be in a week or two, we will start working on the new map. Once the new map is done, it will be open, and the old one will go the same way as legacy, I believe.
  17. i'm anticipating it^^
  18. Why are there many off topic posts in here?

  19. Re: 1.9 = New Main Map!

    here check out a trap i made its pretty cool!